Despite our best evidence, Camika Royal still considers TFA a viable option. Say again?

This, from GOOD Magazine. What’s the (yet) supposed to mean? That TFA has not violated the trust of our public education system time and again over the last several years, aligning itself with every neoliberal outfit imaginable? To wit: Though I find it highly problematic, I also agree with theHarvard Crimson editorial board in this statement: […]

The Good, Racist People has key parallels to the inherent racism of #edreform

A really, really compelling opinion piece from the NYT on the everyday racism and prejudice expressed by apparent “good people.” This might have to do with education reform measures, as the author already mentioned redlining, blockbusting, and gentrification as part of prejudicial urban renewal: I am trying to imagine a white president forced to show […]

Before I lose my mind, will someone look at this exchange?

I wrote a piece for GOOD Magazine a little while ago. The first sentence is as follows: Our public education system, with all of its admitted flaws, manages to nurture the vast majority of young people, many of whom go on to be hugely successful. Pretty intuitive statement, kind of commonsense, no? Well, there’s a […]

Article by yours truly is up and ready at @GOOD. So yeah, what about those prep schools?

I’m terrible at titles, so I’m glad the folks at GOOD picked something that gets right to the point: Why America’s Prep Schools Aren’t Following Arne Duncan’s Public School Education Reforms. Although, I will say for the record that Duncan’s children attend public schools in Virginia.

A bold example of #school segregation, from a 13 year old in NY

An essay from an 8th grader in Rochester, NY makes a compelling argument about civil rights and education in the US: Williams wrote that overcrowded, poorly managed classrooms prevent real learning from happening and thus produces the same results as Mr. Auld’s outright ban. She wrote that her white teachers—the vast majority of Rochester students […]

#Occupy the #classroom

I agree with the sentiments here in an online article from Good. Occupy the classroom. So, it’s an ethos, right? Many teachers are protesting the direction education is heading, but we need a broader Occupy the Classroom movement to help us become the true leaders of our profession. Teachers as a whole don’t occupy—they are preoccupied. In English, […]


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