A tale of two communities saying no

Global reforms are just that.  Global.  The same damage is being inflicted worldwide to schools in large and small communities, causing distress and doing nothing to improve education.  Often quite the opposite. This is Cedar, a small community in Canada.  I only heard about Cedar because my gorgeous friend James lives there.  James isn’t a […]

Snappy Sound Bites, Lazy Journalists and Teacher Bashing

New Zealand’s education minister, Hekia Parata, said this weekend four consecutive years of quality teaching eliminates any trace of socio-economic disadvantage for the student. In her now typical teacher-bashing way, she went on to say “In New Zealand we provide 13 years. You’d think it would not be too much to expect that four of […]

He aha te mea nui? He tangata. He tangata. He tangata. (Maori proverb)

What is the most important thing?  It is people. It is people It is people. I am reminded of this each time I see spin from New Zealand’s National government assuring us that charter schools are about the kids, about bolstering their achievement, raising their grades, helping them learn better.  And that they are in […]

Competition, Choice and Market Forces

When it comes to education, governments bandy the word choice around with evangelical fervour saying, amongst other things, they are opening charter schools for us, the parents. Rubbish. In New Zealand we have heaps  of choice already: Special Character schools, Steiner Schools, home schooling, private schools, bilingual schools, correspondence school, Te kura kaupapa Maori (Maori […]


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