Author trying to “refute” Anthony Cody has typo in blog tagline. Better get that fixed.

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See. BTW, TL;DR.

Holy hell, my God almighty?!? AFT turns away Gates money? Outstanding.

Check out this article from Politico while I step outside to see if hell is frozen over. To wit: Weingarten said she didn’t believe Gates funding influenced the Innovation Fund’s direction, but still had to sever the relationship. “I got convinced by the level of distrust I was seeing — not simply on Twitter, but […]

Teach For America and The Nonprofit Industrial Complex

As the controversy around Teach For America grows, it is incredibly important to understand the role of venture philanthropy in education reform.  This video provides powerful context in regards to how many nonprofits are used to maintain and exacerbate the injustices and inequalities in our world.   Perhaps one of the most ad vanced mechanisms […]

Yelp reviews as an action strategy in education? #edreform #edchat

Just a quick idea if you have the time: Yelp reviews of major reform organizations. I posted mine on the Gates Foundation. Are there others?  I personally would like to see more done. Link to them in the comments.

How the Gates Foundation Is Undergirding the College Caste System

The Chronicle of Higher Ed has an explosive series of articles on the influence on higher education by vulture philanthropy and corporate foundations. Taking advantage of recent research by Hall and Thomas, CHE goes in depth to uncover a sewer of self-serving corruption, arrogant and ignorant policymaking, anti-democratic social steering, and a U. S. Department […]

Full-Page Ad for VAM-Based Teacher Evaluation and Common Core, Paid for by Gates and AFT

BY VICKI PHILLIPS AND RANDI WEINGARTEN [from March 25, 2013 The New Republic] Sponsored content by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and American Federation of Teachers. Some see us as education’s odd couple—one, the president of a democratic teachers’ union; the other, a director at the world’s largest philanthropy. While we don’t agree on everything, we firmly […]

From “Surplussed” to “Excessed:” Dumped Memphis Teachers Go to Court

With the blessing of Bill Gates and State Commissioner, Kevin (formerly Mister Michelle Rhee) Huffman, principals across Memphis and Shelby County are illegally dumping hundreds of tenured teachers in favor of TFA, TeachPlus, and TeachMemphis corporate missionaries, who are hired to instill in Memphis’ impoverished children the corporate psychology that can be summed up as “you can […]


As I actually had some time to read/clean out my email, I found this little gem. I am still on the “list” from my days as President of my local over a decade ago.  Here we have it – NYSUT’s response to criticism about a Gates Foundation Grant. I must note that the email asks […]

Downton Billy

Since Bill Gates and other billionaire boys and girls club members are dictating education policy and coming up with new and brilliant ideas such as, “the teacher is the most important” indicator of whether students learn, perhaps he can give us some more lessons on teaching.   We can start lesson one on conspicuous consumption, […]

The Human Costs of School “Reform”

A study by Elaine Weiss and Don Long of the Bolder Broader Approach shows that the corporate school “reform” experiment has claimed to have raised student achievement but that those gains evaporate upon close examination. A previous post, “The Benefits (and Costs) of ‘Reform’ in Three Cities,” discussed their “Market-Oriented Education Reforms’ Rhetoric Trumps Reality,” […]

The New Republic Provides Wedding Details for Randi Weingarten and Bill Gates

To the 800,000 K12 teachers who are paying dues for AFT union support: Your union dues are not going to protect you and your students from the corporate onslaught by efficiency zealots, privateers, and proto-fascist ideologues.  In fact, your president, Randi Weingarten, has joined forces with the oligarchs to begin the Accountability Testing 3.0 regime […]

@rweingarten is trying to drive that bus…

AFT Gates

AFT President Randi Weingarten tried to throw us all under the bus with this abhorrent collaboration with a member of the Gates Foundation. Here’s the original piece with response from Anthony Cody and Diane Ravitch. Proximity to power and self-preservation are very persuasive. But this bus can’t run over everyone finally starting to stand up […]

Stopping MA DESE from Turning Over Student and Teacher Records to Corporations

Letter from ACLU to MA BESE: February 5, 2013 Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education75 Pleasant StreetMalden, MA 02148 Dear Board Members, It has come to our attention that the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education intends to share confidential student and teacher data with the Gates Foundation, as part of its Shared Learning Collaborative, consisting […]

Evaluation of Gates Research on Teacher Effectiveness

From the NEPC Policy Center: Reference Publication:  Review of Two Culminating Reports from the MET Project Gates Foundation’s MET Study Fails to Solve the Teacher Evaluation Challenge Contact:William J. Mathis, (802) 383-0058, wmathis@sover.netJesse Rothstein, (510) 643-8561, rothstein@berkeley.eduZJamie Horwitz, (202) 549-4921, URL for this press release: BOULDER, CO (January 31, 2013) – A review by the National Education Policy […]

Gates resigns, conveniently after a highly critical report

No, not that Gates, the other one.  For-profit colleges like sub-prime mortgage lenders? Ouch. I’m sensing the same could soon be said of charter chains, perhaps this quote: …which likened for-profit colleges to subprime-mortgage lenders, targeting low-income and traditionally underrepresented students. I think the shoe fits.


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