Vaunted Garfield High School has a problem with sexual assault

From Al-Jazeera America. According to the article, mishandling sexual assault cases is pretty common in public schools and in higher education. There’s certainly an abundance of evidence out there for that. But I was surprised to hear that the venerable catalysts of nationwide test boycotts, Garfield High School, bungled this one. That’s a shame. The […]

Special episode of At the Chalk Face 2night! #optout

Check in with us tonight from 9 to 10PM EST, lots going on in Seattle, so it’s worth a special episode of At the Chalk Face. First half will be guests, a parent and teacher from the Seattle area. Second, commentary and your calls: 805-727-7111  

Tepid response from Seattle public schools super

Superintendent Jose Banda released a statement regarding the potential for a mass opt-out of state MAP testing. Meh. Not much of value. Although, I will say that you’d think a formal statement from the educator-in-chief could make it out there into the ether without a typo. To wit:  Before the issue was raised by our […]

@thechalkface and @slekar, At the Chalk Face, 5PM EDT today, talking test data and #optout

@thechalkface and @slekar, At the Chalk Face, 5PM EDT today, talking test data and #optout Join us at 5PM EDT today (one hour earlier, sorry). We’re talking with LA educator Dr. Mercedes Schneider who demolishes school evaluation data. Then, onto the opt out at Garfield HS in Seattle. Chat’s open, live tweet @thechalkface.

Garfield High has the GUTS

Garfield #teachers in seattle support an #optout

An entire school, Garfield High School, in Seattle, WA is choosing not to administer the state’s MAP tests, required a few times a year for ninth graders. Facebook pages have started, so we suggest supporting those. Otherwise, we shall look to the outcome of this interesting development. What kinds of consequences could the school suffer? […]


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