SC’s Low Self-Esteem, Florida Addiction, and Education Policy

In the 1980s and 1990s, the decades of my career as a public high school English teacher, South Carolina was early and all-in as an accountability/standards/testing education reform state. One interesting aspect of that commitment is that SC has had at least 4 generations of standards and tests (including the current adoption of Common Core), […]

More Common Core in the Real World (or at Least Florida)

I have already explored how the real-world consequences of Common Core are guaranteed to do far more harm than good; we have decades of how standards and testing fail even their most nuanced advocates’ claims. Sarah Carr (excellent journalist and author of Hope Against Hope) offers an often disturbing window into the good intensions of […]

Well, it’s about time, the new #unionism

I keep hearing about this, the new unionism, the new unionism. What the is it? Well, as far as education unionism is concerned, high stakes testing seems to be one of the primary targets of criticism. And we finally have acknowledgement of this very important fact from the CEO of the NEA. By the way, who […]

#Florida, #Bush, I get the point, but…

…does anyone else find this image deeply disturbing? This will be in my nightmares, for sure.

#FAIL = #WIN in #edreform

It’s amazing, isn’t it? For all the very $eriou$ accountability-ish talk in the current education reform climate. A man so reviled by educators in the state of Indiana, the people he is supposed to serve, as Tony Bennett to be voted out of office only to find himself successfully ensconced in a lateral move, same […]

The $10000 degree begs the $60000 question: why?

We hear now that some public colleges in Florida are taking Gov. Scott’s challenge of the $10,000 Bachelors seriously.  How could this cost so little? Valencia’s Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering wouldn’t be less expensive to operate, Shugart indicated, but would simply rely less on student tuition and draw more from the college’s […]

This #studentsfirst astroturf moment is freaking hilarious—>@cdurkinrobinson @rheefirst

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 8.39.32 PM

You’ve heard about this, right? A misguided FL lackey for StudentsLast is bribing parents with $5 gift cards to post “reformy” comments on blogs, or whatever. I’ve included this individual’s Twitter handle in the title to this post. Tell her what you think, even though the account is protected. Some activist. And that picture, rock […]

Will anyone at #NEARA2012 ask @vp about his brother’s for-profit #education venture?

This was something I didn’t know a lot about, but apparently VP Biden’s brother, Frank, is selling or sold a set of Maverick charter schools in Florida, plagued by a few scandals and questionable hires. You can easily Google about this and draw some of your own conclusions, here’s a couple of helpful sources here […]

FL playwright for anti-testing play “Testing” makes Funny or Die, video here

The promo video is up to Funny or Die’s scrutiny. You can check out the video here and vote. And, way back in the Pre-Slek days of At the Chalk Face, I spoke with Steve Bailey on Blog Talk Radio, which you can check out here as well. Whoa, that was June of 2011? I […]

A simple and rather insightful comment from a Florida superintendent, @unitedoptout

On the, ahem, FCAT 2.0: Mr. Carvalho: “There’s always this commentary that I hear publicly when people talk about FCAT, certainly individuals who don’t really understand the FCAT, that first they believe the FCAT reading level is far lower than the grade level of the students who would be taking it. And as Gisela said, […]

The “viral-ness” of a Florida school board member taking an #FCAT #test, from the #Answer #Sheet

The Answer Sheet today goes a bit further into the conversation surrounding that one guy in Florida who took an actual FCAT test. There’s also a plug for opt out in there, which is great, keep it going! In any case, I said this before: thousands of teachers have been saying over and over again […]

Testing: A Week in the Life of an Ex-Teacher

Here’s the first promo of Steven Bailey’s anti-testing play called Testing: A week in the life of an ex-teacher. You can visit Youtube to see, I think up to three promos. I spoke with Steve during Episode 20 of the podcast, which you can also check out here.

Right wingers are terrible at #education #reform

Game. Set. Match. Any questions?

The #plutocrats’ affront to #IHE

IHE, as in Institutions of Higher Education. Well-heeled Koch folks now own an academic department. This is certainly very clever, have to hand it to them. They can control the hiring and firing of faculty members who will no doubt espouse certain values and ideologies. I’ll spare the reader with inside details on what this means […]


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