First In-School Reform? Teacher Autonomy

The reform agenda has focused almost entirely on in-school only so-called reforms. That paradigm is essentially flawed since the greatest barriers to in-school learning by students and effective teaching by teachers are out-of-school poverty and inequity. However, once we address social reform, in-school reform must begin with teacher autonomy; consider this about Finland: Teachers in […]

Finland’s Choice-Based Educational Structure [re-blog]

Interesting graphic breakdown: Finland’s Choice-Based Educational Structure.

Two new edublogs to check out

Check out Mark Garrison and a teacher spending time in Finland. Both added to the blog roll.

A teacher’s anti-resignation letter, the Letter of Resolution

Here it is, from An Educator’s Re-Education

Just an observation on male teachers


This picture’s been circulating. Yes, I agree: Finland’s been doing things a bit differently. Public school advocates are always anxious to make comparisons. Let me just focus on that first statement there, “We pay teachers like doctors…” So, to me that connotes respect and that teaching is a profession with a respectable status or reputation. […]

A Look at Finnish Schools and Teacher Preparation

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has an excellent piece on the Finnish system, including the video that you see below.  As you watch the short video, listen for how the special education teacher in the poor Finnish school talks about the basic skills that all their children get–it’s a very different conception of what is “basic” when […]

What about those Fins and their #education?

I hear we should consider “transporting” the Finnish education system here, or at least some of their ideas, says The Answer Sheet. I’ve heard this time and again. And, the same issue props up for me, even in this new post: what are those ideas? Seriously. I never hear anything specific. Sure, there’s the whole […]

Then you take a look at #Finland

Educators love them some Finland, I tell you. Let’s do what they do. My gut reaction tells me: well, they’re all Finnish, right? What’s the ethnic and cultural diversity there? That might be a key issue to their success. Then, when you look at the poverty issue, this stuff emerges: It’s almost unheard of for a […]

Good Working Conditions and Respect for Teachers – A Foreign Concept

You would never know it, but there was an important meeting yesterday at the National Press Club in Washington DC about education. The title of the meeting was Top-Scoring Nations Share Strategies on Teachers (Ed Week carried the article) featuring speakers from Finland and Singapore, two very different approaches but models of high performance. The […]


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