Need to crowdsource an issue: can you all help us with ESEA law?

I was sent a link to some language in the ESEA from the DOE’s website. It largely covers the establishment of the NAEP and how it should be administered. But then, there’s this: EC. 6301. PROHIBITION AGAINST FEDERAL MANDATES, DIRECTION, OR CONTROL. Nothing in this title shall be construed to authorize an officer or employee […]

Was Race to the Top ultimately extortion? UPDATE

Discuss. UPDATE: Are folks afraid to speak about this?

The conservative meme to abolish public education a la Santorum

Like many other conservatives before him, candidate Santorum calls for the abolition of public schools. Again, calls for the elimination of the system without offering alternatives, other than homeschooling, which is perfectly fine for some. However, a system of public education was largely created many years ago because “dame schools” and other private arrangements were no […]

And now a new #STEM competition as part of #RtTT. Doesn’t competition just bring out the best in all of us? No?

Education Week reports on President Obama’s new STEM competitive grant initiative: One item on the president’s agenda is an $80 million proposal for a new federal competition to support “effective STEM teacher preparation programs,” according to a White House press release. In addition, the president is seeking to create a $60 million fund to improve mathematics […]


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