Say that again Mr. Kayser! LAUSD should have more public meetings

Those who can, TEACH. Those who cannot pass laws about teaching.

“As it is, the meetings are held downtown in the middle of the day when most parents, students and employees cannot participate. Ultimately this behavior pattern leads to decisions made in a vacuum, isolation from reality and the rubberstamping of pre-determined outcomes.”—Bennett Kayser Former teacher and current Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of […]

The Algebra of the Market: “Equality” Does Not Equal “Equity”

The Algebra of the Market3 copy

Let’s start with a graphic and Question 1: Do Student X and Student Y below have EQUAL opportunities to move the boulder? The answer is obvious, “Yes.” Now, let’s go one step further and consider this: In the free market (both the U.S. economy and the “free market” of ideas within schools), capital (economic, social, […]

A new management organization for school leaders, LEE

So, I’ve heard of a new educational leadership management, business-ey organization called Leadership for Educational Equity. Sounds nice. Russo has something up about it in This Week in Education. Calls it a TFA spin-off. Nice. That’s just what we need. Russo also says the website is pretty sparse, no way to tell what’s about to […]


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