Alex Johnson’s corporate SuperPAC run by Eli Broad’s Dan “students must pledge to capitalism” Chang

Privatization pusher Dan Chang is a Broadyte

“Financed by conservative billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates and Eli Broad, charters willingly carry out the indoctrination their benefactors seek.” — Professor Ralph E. Shaffer Corporate candidate Alex Johnson and his backer Mark Ridley-Thomas have already raised incredible amounts of money in their attempt to seize a seat on the Los Angeles Unified School (LAUSD) […]

The Broad Foundation and Broadies: Kings of “Distruptive” and “Unreasonable” Trickle-Down Reform

A study in evil from Julian Vasquez Heilig   The Broad Foundation and Broadies: Kings of “Distruptive” and “Unreasonable” Trickle-Down Reform.    

Joining Forces for Education’s statement on using Broad’s Jaime Aquino’s resignation to push for authentic reforms

Eli Broad's tentacles of neoliberal austerity and privatization exceed even Orwellian dystopian visions.

First published on LA Schools Matter on September 14, 2013 “Once Broad alumni are working inside the education system, they naturally favor hiring other Broadies, which ups the leverage…” — Sharon Higgins While Los Angeles’ corporate media bemoans scoundrel Jaime Aquino’s resignation, replete with descriptions of tears from fellow Broadyte John Deasy, there are other […]

Broad’s Creation, Green Dot, Headed to Memphis to Cash In During School Fire Sale

Update: Daily News reports today that Green Dot will, indeed, claim at least one high school. The corporate wizards who are calling the shots in the new exploded version of Memphis schools have their eye turned toward an Eli Broad charter creation to take over one of the high schools in Memphis.  Will the target […]

Broad’s Puppet McIntyre: "Misleading At Best"

It’s obvious that Jim McIntyre is about to become the latest in a long line of discredited and corrupt Broad trainees that have been planted in central offices around the U. S. to do the bidding of plutocrat, Eli Broad.  When you lose the News-Sentinel, you’re a goner in Knoxville.   From the Knoxville News-Sentinel: […]

Haslam Sends BRT Puppet to Help McIntyre Get Funds for Disproven Bonus Pay Plan for Knoxville Teachers

Last year when it came budget time, Slick Jim McIntyre did his best to get an extra $35 million to fund a bonus pay plan for teachers based on test scores.  Even though there are research studies that show these plans have a demonstrated track record of failure, that isn’t stopping McIntyre from going back […]

The Future is Disappearing…But Why?

In my soon-to-be-released, self-published book, I do my best to help parents, teachers, and others understand why the Common Core Network is so bad for our kids and our nation’s future.  (This is not a shameless plug, I promise.  I have a real question here.)  It’s becoming common knowledge that the Common Core State Standards […]

Open letter to David Welch, Eli Broad, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, and their Students Matter Astroturf

“And not merely pride of intellect, but dulness of intellect. And most of all, the deceitfulness; yes, the deceitfulness of intellect” — Leo Tolstoy To David Welch, Eli Broad, Theodore J. Boutrous, Theane Evangelis Kapur, Theodore B. Olson, Enrique A. Monagas, and Joshua S. Lipshutz: Your Students Matter website explicitly states “When it comes to […]

The Broad Prize for Corporate Domination Goes to Charlotte-Mecklenburg


Why is everyone smiling except the two school officials? That photogenic charlatan and former superintendent, Peter Gorman (Broad Class of ’04) caused all sorts of grief for Charlotte educators, parents, and students before he was scooped up by Rupert Murdoch (Aaaargh!) to serve as one of Murdoch’s chief edu-lackeys. Just in time, too, as Charlotte […]

Eli Broad pays Parent Revolution to champion charters not to empower parents!

“The private sector experience is important because there are business best practices which can improve the way the education organizations are operated.” — The Broad Residency “Parent Revolution, using the trigger law as leverage, mobilizes parents, school-by-school, to vote for one of four reform efforts—firing staff, replacing the principal, closing the school or converting to […]

Jim McIntyre: The Tip of Eli Broad’s Corporate Education Spear in East Tennessee

(Photo by Sheena Patrick for MetroPulse shows McIntyre (far right) seated next to Gov. Bill Haslam. At left is former TFA cult leader and current TN Education Commissioner, Kevin Huffman) In March 2008 Broad Academy alumnus, Jim McIntyre (Class of ’06), was selected by a 5-4 vote as Superintendent of Schools for Knox County.  This […]

Why Charlotte-Mecklenburg Parents Should Sue Peter Gorman and the C-M School Board

The Charlotte Observer has a story today on the idiot in charge of Chalotte, NC Schools.  His name is Peter Gorman, and his idea of school improvement in these desperate economic times is to spend 2 million dollars of money he doesn’t have for a bunch of needless, abusive, and unjustifiable tests at a time […]


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