The iPads were literally sitting untouched on the play table, next to the play cutlery, plates, and a giant wedge of plastic cheese. #edtech

It’s easy to fascinate and receive kudos from the broader education community when you can do something interesting with technology. Before this school year started, I was asked to lead a technology club after school for fourth and fifth grade students. After brainstorming what was possible, what I wanted to do, what students might want […]

What do you want to be when you grow up? Our kindergartners at Malcolm X.

How will the PARCC prepare these kids to be a superhero or an “ice princess.” Huh.

Guided Reading in Kindergarten is one of the many dramatic outrages of #commoncore

As the regular reader knows, I am now teaching Kindergarten in SE Washington, DC this year. Enjoying it so much more than teaching at the university level. This entire school year for DCPS, for whom I worked previously over a decade ago, there has been an obsession with the use of Guided Reading. My expertise […]

Call me a simpleton, but I love me some Mailbox!

I just resubscribed to The Mailbox Magazine. Prior to graduate school and the whole intellectual thing, I used to love getting new issues. It always seemed like I received something right after I taught it. Now, I’m NOT liking all the Common Core alignment nonsense. And I know all of my former higher education colleagues […]

Reading consultants model teaching phonics, “hilarity” ensues

I experienced a visit this week from consultant teachers representing a district mandated phonics program. The visit was meant for me to experience its outstanding awesomeness from two awesome experts. I was told that these activities require 30 minutes of my school day. We only had 20 minutes for me to witness the awesome awesomeness […]

Thanks for this @stoptesting15: DCPS wellness policy on recess

The reader may or may not know: I walked away from higher education to return to the classroom. I’m now teaching Kindergarten in Washington, DC. After our first week, schedules are continually adjusted to meet this or that requirement. For instance, the District mandates 120 minutes for ELA and 90 minutes for math. That leaves […]

Learning from returning to the classroom: Setup week

College professor back to teaching. Steep curve ahead. What have I learned so far? I can easily spend roughly $800 getting ready for Kindergarten, but saved a good amount building some things like sand and water tables. The Common Core Standards, for Kindergarten at least, offers me absolutely no guidance whatsoever. It is thin soup. […]

We were all students once, weren’t we?

5th grade

Posted to Facebook by a friend, my fifth grade class picture from 1989. If you know me, see if you can find me. Good old Elm Grove ES, no longer standing. It’s a soccer field now.

Day three

I’m not ready for a comprehensive reflection on the week. However, I will allude to the fact that I am learning an incredible deal about education and about myself as an educator, in just three days. Seriously. And, when I do a podcast on the topic this weekend, I want to emphasize that all teacher […]

Day two

Perhaps over the next four weeks this is going to turn into a reflection based set of oats regarding my experiences back in the elementary classroom. I’m a bit tired to say the least. But one more thing I’ve learned so far: no amount of supervision of pre-service teachers, no number of weekly seminars or […]

Back in class

I’m excited.  This summer, I’ll be teaching at a DC charter school in Mt. Ranier, one of several Lighthouse Academies in six states.  It’s a four-week program, the day ends at 1PM.  The people I met during my interview and model lesson were great, very nice, and the kids in the third grade class in […]


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