Constructive critique and what is actually harmful to children

I saw this circulate today through my circles on doling our better criticism. I like it. It applies to my discipline because I feel as if I am constantly scrutinized by individuals who do not know how to give critique without immediately establishing a dishonest, hostile, and overall unsatisfactory professional relationship. This part is most […]

As promised, a deeply personal and private look at (GASP!) my plan book #edchat @rweingarten #sharemylesson


Gazing into the educator’s plan book is a highly uncommon occurrence, and I say this with just a hint of sarcasm. I don’t really know why it’s so deeply personal, seems silly, but it really is very personal. I hear and read quite a bit about lesson plans for this and that. Templates for, of […]

Edushyster reveals him or herself. Nice. My standards, however, remain unchanged.

Friend of At the Chalk Face, Edushyster, revealed herself this week. The unveiling merited coverage from Diane Ravitch. You can learn more about Edushyster’s true identity here. As others do, I always enjoy her contributions. Her writing and satire are excellent. And I’m sure that, without her wit, opponents of corporate reform would lose a […]

Sitting next to teachers doing some planning at a coffee shop…

When did teaching become so boring? Right now, I’m writing a book chapter for a social studies methods text. Working on the part about having schools build vegetable gardens. We’re planning side by side, oddly enough. But man, what they’re doing is so freaking boring that I might want to kill myself right now. I’m […]

We should not valorize all educators with impunity

Because of this woman, an Indiana bigot educator who wants to exclude students who are gay from prom. We have to admit, as ardent public school and teacher advocates, that not everyone in the classroom is playing with a full deck.

The #USDOE releases yet another initiative, corporate inspiration included, but subtle #ce12 #edtech

Full press release pasted below. But first, saw this in my inbox today. It’s about celebrating so-called “connected educators” during the month of August. I go through it, blah blah blah, online communities, blah blah, collaboration, blah blah. So, all right, pretty innocent, uninspired, then I see this little paragraph: Online communities and learning networks […]


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