Much ado about the TIME’s latest anti-teacher cover #TIMEfail. This is what I’m thinking.

There’s a lot of hullaballoo about TIME magazine’s just-released anti-teacher cover. And it’s JUST the cover, mind you. Nothing surprises me anymore about the education debates, especially content from the carpet baggers. But what I find most interesting is this unyielding faith in the problem solving abilities of Silicon Valley. It seems as if this is […]

Was accidentally wearing my sunglasses while looking up some stuff online. #theylive


Troops to Teachers is a failure. That kind of sucks.

I learned just now that the military’s initiative to encourage former soldiers to become teachers, called Troops to Teachers, has been a failure. There are legitimate critiques of the program, although not all veterans are coming from combat. Nevertheless, I first encountered mention of this program when I was looking for potential solutions to the […]

Education is different than everything else


Just an observation. I saw some coverage on CNN about the Ebola epidemic. As with any medical story, this is typically what you see on screen: This guy’s everywhere, right? But at least he’s a doctor. We don’t see a lot of “experts” or those with expertise commenting on education We see a lot of […]

For Mother’s Day, embrace the complications

It’s hard for me not to be slightly cynical on special days like this because they’re largely capitalist confections created by skilled marketers. Take a look at how far we’ve come from the original connotations of “Mother’s Day,” from the Zinn History Project. What began as a call to action, now we eat brunch and exchange […]

My Endorsement for Governor of New Mexico


I know what you’re thinking: “Why are you endorsing a candidate?  You’re just an independent blogger who likes to rabblerouse!” And you would be right.  But, c’mon, give me some credit.  I’m also a community activist and organizer who likes to rabblerouse. I also pay attention–very close attention–to the goings on in my state of […]

On DCPS education budgets. Trying to do our jobs with nothing. @valeriestrauss @dcpublicschools

I teach in Ward 8.  A clerical error lead to the District rescinding our budget until it’s sorted out. So, as of right now, one of the neediest schools in the entire District is operating with no money. And when I mean no money, I mean nothing, nada, zilch, zippo, nothing. We paid for the […]

Father Guido Sarducci’s 5-Minute Charter School?

For my last 2013 post, I’m opting to rely on comedy. Given the rapid growth of charter schools, I can’t help but wonder what Father Guido Sarducci would propose? Perhaps, the “5-Minute University” business model can branch out and become the 5-Minute Charter School? Sounds like a solid business model. Any investors interested in chartering […]

Our last show of 2013, DC mayoral candidate joins us At the Chalk Face

I attended a forum sponsored by the Washington Teacher’s Union on December 9th, which was part of a larger national day of action for AFT affiliations to reclaim public education. Candidates for DC mayor showed up to answer some questions on education posed by the President of the WTU. I was particularly impressed by the […]

Co-location is more frustration than cooperation

This is a picture of the DC Mayor Vincent Grey and the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visiting my school for a brief 60 minute press conference on the recent NAEP results. I haven’t even looked through the report yet, so I have no comment on that. [Let me say how much this visit screwed […]

If you are this person, then you have no business in education. Quit now. Leave. Good-bye.

Here’s the model citizen in question. Are you a homophobe, or just so blatantly stupid that it hurts? Quit.

Innovation? No Thank You

There is a problem with really successful people: They tend to believe they are incredibly capable in every field, and that most other people are not. Success is a deluding experience, and if there is anything that innovators are, it is delusional—delusional that being innovative is greater than having field experience or expertise. In education […]

The Relentless Bully Politics Continues in SC

Superintendent of Education Mick Zais can’t help himself. He is so enamored with his misinformation-as-talking-points that he is willing to visit and shame a high-poverty elementary school. This is the other side of the coin for Zais who has previously visited a so-called high-flying school in order to shame all the other schools. In both cases, […]

Dana Woldow: Denying Children Food is Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Dana Woldow: Denying Children Food is Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Los Angeles parent-activist sounds off on CCSS

Common Core State Standards CCSS represent the corporate sector's latest attempts to privatize education and cash in on harmful standardized testing

“We had 23 different language groups at my son’s school. How can one common core be relevant to all of these very different people?” — Teresa Sitz, LAUSD Parent-Activist I founded Communities & Families Resisting Proposition 39 Charter Colocations along with several families fighting against the privatization project’s latest ploy, the colocation. While the group was pretty 90026 specific (we have two […]


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