Edweek blogger heads to guess where? College Board.

Education Weak and corporate reform journalist  mouthpiece Michele McNeil is leaving Politics K-12: Starting in mid-May, I’ll be the director of assessment and accountability policy at the College Board   Seriously. A non-educator as director of assessment policy? Who’s in charge of hiring, anyway?  

Pleas for civility. Please! #edreform

Hither and thither on Twitter today, and perhaps from a post by Education Week, I’ve seen folks from the education deform camp plea for civility. That is, educators and parents and students are not affording folks like NY state education official John King enough respect. That we can indeed engage in civil debate. Civility? I […]

EdWeek and the Gates Love Affair that Just Won’t Go Away

In the Digital Education blog at Education Week, Q&A: Bill Gates on Teaching, Ed Tech, and Philanthropy provides Gates with yet another platform to (this time) continue his re-messaging campaign. Yep, he uses words like “magical” (did you get goose bumps?), but if you read carefully, as Jersey Jazzman did, Gates has simply learned to soften his […]

Let the Excuses Begin: Defending the Status Quo!

Smells like a lot of excuses coming from the “no excuses” crowd—and a heaping serving of status quo gravy on top: The most embarrassing posting on Education Week ever (and that’s saying a lot): Rick and Tony If any doubt about the fabrications, see HERE.

With support from @drjohnthompson, the case of the missing teaching experience #optorcop

This is really the last time I need to comment on this because we have to move on. I told you, dear reader, of my attendance at a recent Fordham event on the potential for opt outs of test-based accountability.  Here’s video of my question, comment. When I try to assert my credibility in debates […]

Our interview with Peter DeWitt #freetobe

Check out our interview with Education Week blogger and principal Peter DeWitt. We discussed some intersections between education leadership, anti-bullying, and the common core. Seems a tad contradictory doesn’t it, at least the last two. And since he mentioned it, a clip for you all to enjoy of Free to be You and Me. Watching […]

@educationweek reports tougher standards for #teacherprep. Is #TFA included in this?

Education week is reporting that some stricter standards are coming to teacher preparation. I’m not linking the article because, well, I don’t want to give them more traffic. Nevertheless, I am wondering if these new criteria will apply to TFA, which in some cases is actually permitted to train and certify educators.  Will NCTQ evaluate […]

@EdWeekComm once again provides valuable line space to the ignorant hordes #teacherprep #highered

Education Week is once again serving the interests, via its commentary section, of non-educators. This time, from some fly-by-night LLC called Teacher Preparation Analytics in DC. Judging by the amateurish nature of the website, I can’t say I’d really want their advice or their analytics, whatever those are. But the three founders and partners in this organization […]

CCSS, the Corporate Profit Black Hole


Unleash the Power!!!!! The power of corporate education reform to generate profit for textbook, program, and testing corporations while childhood poverty in the US skyrockets and children continue to be cheated out of rich educational experiences… Sounds about right: —– I think Education Week accidentally published the cover from an upcoming new young adult science […]

Give us your tired, your poor, your befuddled masses @educationweek


Good friend Gary Valiant today kicked off a rather interesting idea: a boycott of Education Week, the education publication of record, apparently. Even an anonymous education blogger for the publication is frustrated. To wit: I understand the frustration with EdWeek. As I have responded when this has been raised elsewhere, I think it is important to […]

DC schools bet the farm and then some on #commoncore. Good luck with that.

DC loves its reform. Especially those based on faith, not evidence. Education Week writes about what they call the “common core era.” Wow, I thought, you know, at least six months had to pass before we’re officially in an era. In a year, it might be an epoch. How well the school district can reach […]

Is Larry Ferlazzo a dingus?

I’m just asking. And I mean this with all due respect. What are the best ways to spend the last two weeks of school? Why does this question need answering? What the hell have teachers been doing all these years? Plus, does Mr. Ferlazzo have any ideas of his own, or is he ALWAYS linking to […]

6 year olds of America, we need to talk #commoncore


You’ve been hopped up on paste, stickers, finger paint, and the overall ignorance of your ego-centricity for far too long. We need to have a “Kintervention,” followed by some KIDBELS, and a little Response to Kintervention time, just to see if the Kintervention was successful. Thank you Education Week. Thank you for all that you […]

“K-12 blogger extraordinaire” @michelemcneil concern trolls @educationweek

Education journalism and other works of narrative non-fiction love the pitched battle, the zero-sum game, the us versus them story, a David versus Goliath. We have once again another example from Education Week. Boring. As if this highlights some kind of anecdotal trend about the vitality of educational activism, we have this little slice: As a […]

Education Week publishes an “apology” for Duncan at #AERA13


The horror. Our Secretary of Education, who is the CEO of disaster as far as many of us are concerned, got a few boos during a speech at AERA. Pearl clutching ensued. I’m sure folks are very, very sorry. 


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