Education Weak and corporate reform journalist  mouthpiece Michele McNeil is leaving Politics K-12: Starting in mid-May, I’ll be the director of assessment and accountability policy at the College Board   Seriously. A non-educator as director of assessment policy? Who’s in charge of hiring, anyway?  

Hither and thither on Twitter today, and perhaps from a post by Education Week, I’ve seen folks from the education deform camp plea for civility. That is, educators and parents and students are not affording folks like NY state education official John King enough respect. That we can indeed engage in civil debate. Civility? I […]

Check out our interview with Education Week blogger and principal Peter DeWitt. We discussed some intersections between education leadership, anti-bullying, and the common core. Seems a tad contradictory doesn’t it, at least the last two. And since he mentioned it, a clip for you all to enjoy of Free to be You and Me. Watching […]