Per @dianeravitch, I re-evaluate my participation (or lack thereof) with @AERA_EdResearch

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We At the Chalk Face are always appreciative of when Diane Ravitch follows our work, and we are happy to stand with her in this struggle. Today, Ravitch referenced a piece I wrote about the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Here’re my original thoughts. I completely understand that it may be effective to represent from […]

An open letter to #AERA. No thank you.

Dearest American Education Research Association (AERA): This week, I received yet another solicitation to renew my membership to AERA. And once again, I will ignore this email and decline membership renewal. But this is the first time I’ve chosen to respond. In this message, AERA is being touted as the following: Your membership helps make a difference […]

Come one, come all, #AERA14 proposal deadline is upon us! #highered

Graduate students and faculty members from all corners of education are in a panic today, and will be a panic tomorrow. Why? But of course, the proposal deadline to speak for ten minutes at the nation’s premiere education research association closes on the 22nd at 11:59PM.  Blimey, I better… well… nah. I think I’ll pass. […]

Off to Vancouver for #AERA, the business of the #education world

I’m way too cynical for my age. Heading to Vancouver for the pilgrimage to the American Educational Research Association, the big pant-suited business conference for education scholars and glad handers. I uhh, yeah. I’ve seen and followed a lot in the last few years and what I haven’t missed is reading their main publication. If […]

What has #AERA done for you?

I know I’ve discussed the existential crisis I am having as a “junior” faculty member. Funny how I’m 33 years old and am referred to as a junior. Whatever. In any case, I view what occurred at the SOS March this past weekend and I reflect on the teaching I did in a charter school […]

#Education #research at its most vapid

Richard Belzer used the expression, “vapid human detritus” on Real Time with Bill Mahr last week, I thought that was a fantastic expression. It was in reference to that racist rant from that former student at, was it UCLA? A Facebook friend posted a link to an entry at EdWeek kind of poking fun at […]

Recycle some info

Let me just go ahead and recycle some great information from WP Education on what the research really tells us about current education reforms touted in the mainstream.  Great stuff.

A quick thought

After posting an excerpt from a paper I’m writing, I wonder if anyone ever thought of crowdsourcing research or writing in education?  I’m serious, send out a bunch of invitations to crowdsource writing on a certain topic, set a deadline, and see what emerges.  That might be really cool!

Emotion Two: Identity crisis

So, this is a little commentary on what I posted earlier about my confusion.  No links or outsourcing of information is necessary.  I’ll also keep it brief.  When I noticed all the game changers in education, those who get the spotlight in education reform circles, I was somewhat disappointed that so many stakeholders in education […]


Not that anyone really cares, so I just feel the need to confess. I was delighted to learn last week that AERA was extending their deadline for proposals at their annual conference, which is sort of the premiere conference within education.  I let the deadline expire; I did not ultimately complete a proposal. Maybe this […]

Think Twice, or More, About Depending on Think Tank Research


Ideological bilges like the Manhattan Institute, Fordham Institute, Hoover Institute, Achieve, Inc., and the Walmart-sponsored group at the University of Arkansas under the tutelage of Dean Jay Greene have been pumping out their sludge for years as research to support education policy decisions that were already made by ideologues long before any research data was […]


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