Social Studies isn’t English Language Arts’ Annoying Relative.

More and more, it seems that educational resources support two core courses: English Language Arts and Mathematics. In my opinion, this is a dangerous trend in education, today. At a time when students must prepare to live within a global society, education curriculum and instructional resources are ignoring other critical subjects. As a result, the education […]

The Costs of Common Core?

Funding public education constitutes a large percentage of many states’ total budget, and thus, over the past three or four decades, the role of governor has become necessarily one that impacts education policy strongly. I believe that increased connection between partisan politics and conducting public schools has been powerfully and negatively influential. When I posted Millions […]

TUDA victor go the spoils?

The recently published 2013 Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) has received a great deal of attention, especially in regards to the District of Columbia Public Schools. Although leading education reform advocates express cautious optimism, they claim the results as “evidence” that the 2008 education reforms in D.C., vis-à-vis former DCPS Chancellor Michelle Rhee, were, not […]

We Don’t Need Longer School Days; We Need Smarter Ones.

I support the intentions behind DCPS’ A Capital Commitment: Better Schools for All Students by 2017. I salute Chancellor Henderson and Capital One for agreeing to a strategic plan, which sets ambitious goals for our most vulnerable students and schools. It’s not only the right thing to do, but also an effective use of time and […]

Every Public School Should Be An NYZ: A No Yelling Zone.

No Yelling

Have you ever worked in a public school where teachers often yelled at students? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen educators yell at students. Now, before you think I’m completely innocent, I can assure you, I’m not. I’ve had several “bad teacher moments” too. However, after a few years of observing my […]

Open Letter to My Local Teacher’s Union

Dear President Elizabeth Davis, First and foremost, I wish to extend warm felt congratulations to you, and Ms. Candi Peterson. I wish you a successful term as President and General Vice President of the Washington Teacher’s Union. I wish to thank you, in advance, for taking the time to visit our school, and listening to […]

Sparring Match or Same Song, Different Tune?

Recently, Andy Smarick and Kathleen Porter-Magee engaged in an e-debate on the central tenets of Smarick’s new book titled, “The Urban School System of the Future.” As I’ve read both sides of the divide, I couldn’t help but notice a couple of strands of commonality between the two camps, as well as a common theme […]

The Bizarro World of Education Reform

The policy of public school consolidation is recipe for disaster. Education reformers close public schools by using “under-utilization” or “under-performing” seats as an excuse to create larger school sizes. They view the outcome (test scores) as a production problem (teachers) and aim to alter the process (instruction) for the consumer (students). This business model approach […]

VAM Design Flaw: Where You Teach Matters!

First and foremost, I don’t consider myself a blind ideologue. I’m more than capable of appreciating the work and dedication put forth from both sides of the education debate. As a teacher in a low socio-economic status (SES) public middle school, I absolutely agree that our line of work is in need of modernization and […]

Los Angeles parent-activist sounds off on CCSS

Common Core State Standards CCSS represent the corporate sector's latest attempts to privatize education and cash in on harmful standardized testing

“We had 23 different language groups at my son’s school. How can one common core be relevant to all of these very different people?” — Teresa Sitz, LAUSD Parent-Activist I founded Communities & Families Resisting Proposition 39 Charter Colocations along with several families fighting against the privatization project’s latest ploy, the colocation. While the group was pretty 90026 specific (we have two […]

Why I Teach, Where I Teach

Education reforms has truly damaged our ability to understand how chronic poverty affects a student’s ability to learn. Although I can agree with the underlying premise of Rhee’s rhetoric – poverty should not be an excuse to setting high expectations for students – I can’t help but feel frustrated with how that slogan has hijacked […]

@dianeravitch makes suggestions on education for #obama #sotu, could we bag the competition?

Here they are, via Bill Moyers. She makes two main suggestions:  First, we must end the pressure on teachers to teach to the test… Second, we must strengthen and improve our public schools. I support both of these, but I just really don’t agree with the fundamental premise here. I realize that Moyers was asking various […]

An expected dollop of #nativism breaks out at the #RNC

Harper’s reports that a bunch of Ron Paul zealots broke out in chants of “USA” when a Puerto Rican delegate took the podium. Does this hint at some nativism, or perhaps racism? Perhaps. This is a major political party that already had similar problems during the primary debates. Paulites seek to abolish most public services. […]

Another parody video from @thechalkface on an #optout of testing, enjoy.

Courtesy of One Direction: No Direction With High Stakes Standardized Testing. Share widely!

Students Want a Voice in Ed Policy

Students Want a Voice in Ed Policy

Students stand up against high stakes testing, corporate education reform. Blogger Nikhil Goyal Common Core and Race to the Top are destructive. Day 33: SOS Convention and Featured in Newsday Posted: August 4, 2012 | Author: Nikhil Goyal | Filed under: Posts |2 Comments » Today, I had a fabulous time at the Save Our Schools […]


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