You don’t know the meaning of #dontbackdown


I’m pretty angry.  Yesterday, I was on a panel discussing Teach For America with, among others, Josh Anderson- head of TFA Chicago.  Overall, I thought the panel went well.  Debate was passionate (mostly on my part) but civil.  Still, at the very end, when Josh gave the final remarks of the event, he said something […]

Will the Common Core improve knowledge of history?

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 6.14.48 AM

On twitter recently I spotted a post from a Common Core supporter that implies that the new standards will solve our problems when it comes to history instruction in our schools. Here we have another CCLS advocate who ignores the reality in our schools: In this era of high-stakes testing what is tested will determine what is taught. […]

Holy hell, that joke Doctor Steve Perry unloads and unhinged on Twitter. Say hey, @drsteveperry

Can you believe this guy? Does he not know the internet is forever?

State Assessment Results: “It Just Doesn’t Matter”

Originally posted on @ THE CHALK FACE:
Even though we opted our oldest out of the third grade state assessments last year, an error occurred and her blank math test answer form was scanned and sent on to the New York State Education Department.  As a result, we received a Parent Report from NYSED via our…

Hasta la vista, Testing?

Source 2013 ELA and Mathematics District and Building Aggregates Media via NYSED.

The dust has not settled yet from the release of the first year scores from New York State’s Common Core aligned assessments for Grades 3-8. The media talking heads, bureaucrats, and public are trying to frame what the results mean for New York’s schools.    Read here for some excellent commentaries about the scores from […]

The sky is falling & so are the Common Core test scores.


In New York State the new Common Core aligned state assessment results for third through eighth grade will be released on Wednesday. State education officials are warning schools to expect “lower student proficiency levels“. Diane Ravitch reported today that an administrator from a “high-achieving school” found a significant drop in their student scores on the […]

At the Chalk Face is getting in the game with #edreform #marchmadness

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 2.36.09 PM

Fill out your brackets folks and we’ll crown a winner before it’s all over. But remember, no matter who wins, public schools will lose.

Hey, @cornelwest, WE’RE not silent. They just won’t listen. Help us. #edreform #progressives

Good video. Now, fair reader, help us reach the hell out, will you?

#Edreform propaganda posters, the grand experiment. Thoughts?

Click here to listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio

Click here to listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio We’re going to be joined by Dr. Paul Thomas, talking some Edushyster again, and finally a bit about why one of us was on NPR yesterday. Chat’s always open, live tweet @thechalkface

Happy New Year from @thechalkface! Top posts of 2012

To celebrate the new year @ the chalk face, here are the top ten posts of 2012: Paul Tough Is Way Off-Base. And Stop Saying “Grit” School Today….What they don’t tell you. (Written by a teacher) Hi. I’m Lauren, and I’m a Recovering Elitist NYC Teaching Fellow Message To My Teacher Friends At The Start […]

#negotiating #edreform with #obama part two

#negotiating #edreform with #obama part one

We introduce you to EDDY, the new #edreform assistant, for the new #iphone5 #edtech

Ever feel like you’re in a bind and just can’t get the truth on edreform? Well, you’ll be happy to know that the #edtech gurus at Apple are giving us EDDY. More to come on this one.

Trust us: It is We who are on the side of children here

I have been accused at some instances throughout my life for agitating for no good reason. Why can’t you just play by the rules? I don’t agree with a tremendous deal of what accounts for “education reform” nowadays. A lot of these reforms happen so quickly that we barely have time to catch up. Legislatures […]


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