Trust us: It is We who are on the side of children here

I have been accused at some instances throughout my life for agitating for no good reason. Why can’t you just play by the rules? I don’t agree with a tremendous deal of what accounts for “education reform” nowadays. A lot of these reforms happen so quickly that we barely have time to catch up. Legislatures […]

Examiner piece by professor of #education on the Nation at Risk redux

It’s very comprehensive, I insist you read it.

A great tutorial on #ALEC and their influence on #public #education

I’m passing this along to you all, a brief on ALEC and their education legislation agenda. Sure, you’ve got it now, so what? I mean, how can we stop them?

@crooksandliars outrages over #Republican #edpolicy, but doesn’t mention #Democratic Federal #HST mandates

Look, I’m left of center. That’s fine, I’ll admit that. Crooks and Liars is indignant over a Romney admission that GOP edpolicy is actually to bust unions. I get that, all right. A lot of education legislation at the state level purports to be about improving teacher quality and educational outcomes, but they’re simply union-busting […]

Can you not make it to DC for the DOE event on March 30th? Well…

You can host a live stream party. Here’s the information. Let us know if you need more information, help with live stream, or if you’re hosting a gathering. Two livestream channels – we will use this one first – – but if for some reason it doesn’t work and/or we reach our data limit we will […]

Are #TFA corps members a bunch of “scabs”?

I saw someone whom I respect call them as such, a “scab recruiter.” Wow, I don’t know about this one. Scabs, those that cross picket lines during a strike, is that what they’re doing? You have a national debate in this country about teacher quality and the perceived ineptitude of preparation programs. At the same […]

Is the #teaching profession dead? See for yourself @huffingtonpost

Read it, comment, like it, love it. Share :)

What #liberals and #left-thinkers don’t seem to get about #education

Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 11.56.11 AM

Chalk Face is left-leaning and Democratic, no lies. But here’s the problem. It’s a screenshot of a survey over at Daily Kos, which is one of the liberal blogs of record. See that first answer choice there, public education? It’s not just Republicans destroying public education all right? We have Democrats for Education Reform and […]

Here’s a quick appearance on @totaltutor on #edreform and #testing

Neil Haley at Total Tutor has been really great at booking Iike minded folks to talk about testing and education reform. They’re quick 15 minute segments palatable to a mainstream audience. Enjoy.  

Why Colorado #teacher #evaluation is like Rocky IV

There’s a great piece out there on generation test from journalist Dana Goldstein at the American Prospect. It’s a pretty comphrensive look at an intense evaluation system in Colorado, where every adult in the building, art teachers to counselors, are subjected to accountability measures. I think somewhere in the article the author refers to the […]

@NCTQ releases yet another report on the “deplorable state” of #teacher #preparation

And this time it’s on what preparation programs do or don’t, emphasis on don’t, teach regarding assessment and data-driven instruction to pre-service teachers. Reports of this kind clearly espouse a particular ideology with respect to education reform, one that adheres strictly to quantitative assessments and high-stakes standardized tests. This isn’t a long or particularly evokative […]

A so-called “bad teacher” speaks out in the #nytimes

What a really interesting op-ed. To wit: As you might imagine, my job can be extremely difficult. Beyond the challenges posed by my students, budget cuts and changes to special-education policy have increased my workload drastically even over just the past 18 months. While my class sizes have grown, support staff members have been laid off. […]

See press release for @unitedoptout

Here’s a link to a recent press release sent by United Opt Out on their event coming up on March 30th.

#Edreform discussion via #SOSchat

Join in the fun, every Tuesday at 9PM EST.

#Teachers as temporary contractors fits the #corporate ideal

We have this from Glen Ford over @ Common Dreams: Just as corporations have revamped the private white collar workforce, replacing full-time, salaried personnel with “temporary” workers – a system in which some managers are officially temps – such are the prospects for teachers in the brave new corporate world of education “reform. We’ve warned you. Undermining […]


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