Arne Duncan on pre-school and, umm, “cultural hesitation.”

Here: Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Wednesday that “cultural hesitation” makes it more difficult for some Hispanic parents to want to enroll their children in public pre-school programs because of their preference for family and friends. And: “Two different challenges that I think we have to face,” Duncan said. “One that [HHS Secretary] Kathy [Sebelius] […]

Was accidentally wearing my sunglasses while looking up some stuff online. #theylive


The Secretary’s 50 State Plan for #teacherequity

I’m reading the original letter sent to state school officers. Is that Times New Roman? This is the best the highest office in education in the US can do, am I correct? Wow. From Education Week: But addressing that problem won’t be easy. States have a limited authority and capacity to ensure that districts distribute […]

Doge Duncan, without comment.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.24.52 AM

Much reforms!

@ArneDuncan is suzerain to the vassals


The Washington Post (aka Valerie Strauss) reported just days ago that the Secretary of Education intervened in choice of chancellor of NYC schools, discouraging choice of MD Supe Josh Starr. How dare Duncan, yes? Interfering in local education matters. My analysis? NYC is not merely a local education matter. This isn’t Albuquerque. This is New […]

Let me tell you a little something about me #edreform

Since 2009, in professional terms, I’ve suffered some fairly significant losses. I pursued a PhD in 2005 and completed it in 2009, thinking that higher education would lift me to some higher plane in terms of my understanding and practice of my chosen discipline. Understanding it brought me, indeed. And improvements to my practice, certainly, […]

So, the BATS still can’t be bothered to sign a darn petition?

Why are BATS not flying on this one? Have we finally gauged the limits of slacktivism? That is, a like on Facebook translating to almost nothing.  Not that I or we put too much stock in petitions. But it’s been an interesting few days, where I’ve seen an actual White House petition to dump Duncan […]

Where are YOUR boundaries of activism, and can they be pushed a little?

I know for an irrefutable fact that this petition on ousting Secretary Duncan, more symbolic than practical, has been making the rounds in the last two days.  Given the recent press on Duncan’s odd remark regarding suburban white moms, or whatever, I have no idea why this petition, as of this writing, is stagnant at […]

Co-location is more frustration than cooperation

This is a picture of the DC Mayor Vincent Grey and the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visiting my school for a brief 60 minute press conference on the recent NAEP results. I haven’t even looked through the report yet, so I have no comment on that. [Let me say how much this visit screwed […]

Chiefs for #butthurt?

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 7.06.31 PM

I wanted to quickly follow-up with an image and a question based on Jim Horn’s post earlier today about Chiefs for Change. Sorry Jim, I had to do it. Chiefs, are you butthurt? It’s OK, you can tell us.

Chiefs for Change Angered by Duncan’s Temporary Flirt with Sanity

As pressure mounts from parents, students, educators, and admininstrators against high stakes testing and Common Core Corporate Standards, Team Obama has finally blinked.  ED will offer a one year reprieve to those 37 states formerly bribed with RTTT money to adopt the CC and teacher eval based on Common Core national tests. Such a move […]

Chief Wonk tells a funny, interesting enough if it wasn’t also milquetoast


It’s this guy, Rotherham. Bellwether, or what have you. Some consulting firm. Some kind of professional love affair brewing between Duncan and Weingarten? M-haps. Although, I would have used the Tiffany version instead.

Education Week publishes an “apology” for Duncan at #AERA13


The horror. Our Secretary of Education, who is the CEO of disaster as far as many of us are concerned, got a few boos during a speech at AERA. Pearl clutching ensued. I’m sure folks are very, very sorry. 

You will submit to measurement by Duncan. You must. Observe.


Mesmerizing, is it not?

Someone said it again, school closures are racist

And folks are going to keep saying it.


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