Just Acquired: Slide one from a USDE presentation on new accountability program #QUIZM

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 12.34.40 AM

Does this slide not look oddly familiar? It must be some kind of really terrible government Powerpoint template. And to think, as a result of this initiative, schools are actually using Powerpoint presentations in real classrooms. All of this money spent on technology and it just gets us Powerpoints on DELL’s. Awful. In any event, […]

Need to crowdsource an issue: can you all help us with ESEA law?

I was sent a link to some language in the ESEA from the DOE’s website. It largely covers the establishment of the NAEP and how it should be administered. But then, there’s this: EC. 6301. PROHIBITION AGAINST FEDERAL MANDATES, DIRECTION, OR CONTROL. Nothing in this title shall be construed to authorize an officer or employee […]

Prop poster 12: The Battle for Public Schools

Another experimental poster. Share widely.

Another mysterious video from the #occupythedoe crowd. Interesting.

As the title suggests.

#arneduncan: I’m no educator, man!

Whether it’s the age of the earth or the basics about teaching, bureaucrats are bureaucrats.

The recent #obama #stem initiative

So… there’s a pile of money now being offered to spur growth with STEM teachers: The White House announcement says that with the $100 million to get started, 2,500 master teachers will be identified around the country at 50 sites in all. This funding will help districts implement what the White House calls “high-quality plans […]

Funny anecdote on #testing, #optout, and speaking truth to power

Posted to Facebook today: Funny story… I was with some consultants the NYCDOE hired from a prestigious Ivy League institution to help schools improve attendance (LOL). Anyway, before the work began, I mentioned that I opted my kids out of the NJASK. One woman sounded very sympathetic and assured me that the NJASK would be […]

@thechalkface pre-occupied with #occupy the usdoe in DC

Much reportage is going to come out of our momentous event this past weekend over the coming days and weeks, so I hope you don’t spoil from it. And I’ve neglected to post here in the last several days. Chalk Face wants to emphasize one item for now. The group United Opt Out National  met with […]

@schoolsmatter posts the full schedule for #Occupy the DOE in DC

Here it is. Come one thousand come all!!

The conservative meme to abolish public education a la Santorum

Like many other conservatives before him, candidate Santorum calls for the abolition of public schools. Again, calls for the elimination of the system without offering alternatives, other than homeschooling, which is perfectly fine for some. However, a system of public education was largely created many years ago because “dame schools” and other private arrangements were no […]

And now a new #STEM competition as part of #RtTT. Doesn’t competition just bring out the best in all of us? No?

Education Week reports on President Obama’s new STEM competitive grant initiative: One item on the president’s agenda is an $80 million proposal for a new federal competition to support “effective STEM teacher preparation programs,” according to a White House press release. In addition, the president is seeking to create a $60 million fund to improve mathematics […]

Petition to dump Duncan going around

 I’ve been sent a petition to dump Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education that you might want to sign. You know, I wish I could say he’s really the problem, but I’m feeling he’s more of a puppet than anything else. Just kind of going with it I think. 

On #NCLB as a #zombie, as transcribed for me by a friend

On our show At the Chalk Face, Tim Slekar and I discussed NCLB as a zombie reform. Not our idea. But here’s a snippet of that conversation. Wow, reading it, very weird: I know a thing or two about zombies. The old zombies were slow, the new zombies are jacked and fast and powerful. So […]

#Indiana is taking a nice, cool dip into the #optout waters, kind of like a polar bear plunge, via @kystokes

StateImpact in Indiana reports on a small group of parents organizing a local opt out of the ISTEP this academic year. I’m quoted in this. I guess I said that, I never remember what words come out of my mouth. I tend to ramble, which might be a boon to the media, so keep them […]

@Insidehighered reports on evaluating #teacher #preparation, better training through data I guess

Inside Higher Ed has a post today on evaluating and defining high quality teacher preparation. Theres a panel or a committee or what have you assembled to define how we define the definition of high quality teacher preparation and what kind of data will be collected to define it.    The bottom line for me, […]


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