The doctor-teacher analogy rides again!

This latest contribution to the anthology of comparison between doctors and teachers, from Rick Ayers. This is mine, from 2011. Just imagine for a moment. Given this country’s obesity epidemic and the rising rates of diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease, our physicians have failed. In order to hold them accountable, we should judge them […]

My new one @huffingtonpost on merit pay for doctors/teachers

This time, posted in the Politics section. Give it some legs folks, give it some legs.

Perhaps #teachers need a Hippocratic Oath like physicians

There’s a compelling letter from a Nationally Board Certified teacher describing how her daughter is refusing to take standardized tests in Colorado. Testing issue aside, here’s a good paragraph: Fear is an interesting phenomenon and one that is increasingly driving the decisions that are made in our schools and classrooms.   My National Board accreditation, […]

#Teacher #certification

Since I’m mired in teacher education and certification as a supervisor of student teachers, here’s one very small thought from a new Deb Meier piece that got me thinking: Another interesting fact I learned recently: that teaching is one of the few professions that does not certify its own. I’m not sure of the source […]

Dead beat

Man, have I been the dead beat dad of this blog or what?  My schedule has been kind of random lately.  Once the semester kicks into full gear, I can gather some consistency and keep this going. So, a new entry at HuffPo on making some comparisons between the way doctors are treated versus teachers. […]


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