Worst Op-Ed of 2014, Already?

I waited until December of 2013 to raise this question: Worst Education Op-Ed of 2013? So I don’t rush into this claim casually: Jonathan Chait’s Public Education’s Weird Ideological Divide is already the worst Op-Ed of 2014, and likely will not be surpassed (but may be tied often, I regret to say). Chait’s piece isn’t long (thankfully) but […]

On the defense of @rweingarten by @dianeravitch

It’s really quite simple, actually. Simple for me, at least. To begin, you can review Ravitch’s personal defense of the President of AFT. The American Federation of Teachers is a political organization. It must operate in a way that satisfies numerous interests and issues and permutations. I won’t begin to understand that position as I […]

Per @dianeravitch, I re-evaluate my participation (or lack thereof) with @AERA_EdResearch

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.22.57 AM

We At the Chalk Face are always appreciative of when Diane Ravitch follows our work, and we are happy to stand with her in this struggle. Today, Ravitch referenced a piece I wrote about the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Here’re my original thoughts. I completely understand that it may be effective to represent from […]

@thechalkface and @slekar talking turkey: Studio Versions


Shaun and I have been doing the Sunday night radio show on Blog Talk Radio for the last three years.  However, at the same time we have been traveling to Madison, Wisconsin to record professionally produced episodes of @the chalkface at MidWest Family Broadcasting. Over the last three years, during marathon interviewing sessions we have […]

A Message for Voters in Boston…and Beyond  

This Sunday at 6PM EST, Diane Ravitch is At the Chalk Face to discuss Reign of Error.

Listen to the show here.  I have to get reading.

The Indignant Teacher Reviews “Reign of Error”

  The “nation’s children are on a train that is headed for a cliff“. This sentence, unobtrusively embedded in the middle of the first chapter of Reign of Error, effectively identifies the main idea of Diane Ravitch’s newest book. Like it’s prequel from 2010, The Death and Life of the Great American School System, Reign of Error serves to warn America […]

The Ravitch Hawks Are Circling: Time To Take Action

Diane Ravitch As most people (at least those following the daily attempts by deformers to crush public schools, teachers unions, and the wills and souls of countless students, teachers, parents, and others who believe in public education and democracy) are aware, Diane Ravitch has a new book being officially released tomorrow: REIGN OF ERROR: The […]

Rick Hess and the Art of Truly Bad Writing

I have been teaching writing now for thirty years. Eighteen of those years were spent in a rural South Carolina high school, and more recently I have been teaching first year writing seminars at a selective liberal arts university. Young writers are quite predictable in their writing. They gravitate toward huge, sweeping claims, but shy […]

Diane Ravitch’s Message to Boston Voters via The Indignant Teacher

Dear Indignant Teacher: Friends in Boston have told me that my message to you has been widely read, which is good, but  also widely misinterpreted. I am writing now to be clear what it means to support public education. It means that public schools should be subject to democratic control. Mayoral control is a very […]

Just When You Think It’s Safe to Go Back into the Media

Yesterday, I shared an excellent collection of investigative journalism confronting the accountability machine in Florida (HERE and HERE), work from as far back as 1999 in the St. Petersburg Times and a recent article in the Miami Herald. Overnight, however, I was prompted to look at Peter Cunningham’s “Ravitch Redux.” Before looking at the shoddy and unsubstantiated […]

@DianeRavitch speaks the language of #optout


In case you missed @the chalkface radio (special Monday episode with Dr. Diane Ravitch) here’s your chance to listen to radio brilliance. We spent the entire day getting ready for our interview with Dr. Ravitch.  However, five minutes before the show started Shaun and I realized we had no ability to contact our guest.  Guess […]

Response to Joe Nathan’s hawking for tech industry profits

School Privatization and Neoliberalism are Big Business

Charter charlatan Joe Nathan has made a decent living pushing privatization and pimping poverty. A regular participant in the active comment section on the Professor Diane Ravitch’s blog, Nathan can always be counted on for advocating neoliberal education reform and corporate profits. Today was no different, with Nathan effectively defending the demise of school libraries […]

@katieosgood_ speech outside Mayor Emanuel’s house, from @dianeravitch

Check out At the Chalk Face’s own Katie Osgood here at Diane Ravitch’s blog. Well, she is her own person, but you get what I mean. You can also hear from her from last Sunday’s episode of At the Chalk Face.


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