Kudos from #democraticunderground for @thechalkface

Kudos from #democraticunderground for @thechalkface Thanks.

Corporate Education’s Anti-Democratic Effects

From the NEPC at the University of Colorado, Boulder: BOULDER, CO  October 16, 2012 – “Local control” has been a bedrock principle of public schooling in America since its earliest days, but a new report concludes the concept “has all but disappeared” in discussions of education policy. The report, Democracy Left Behind: How Recent Education Reforms […]

A witness to anti-democratic ways at #neara2012 thanks to company men

Here’s an “eyewitness” account to a resolution to denounce Arne Duncan and RTTT: Just a few minutes ago, New Business Item 25 was moved at the NEA Representative Assembly. It read: “The NEA Representative Assembly calls for the immediate removal of Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, and an end to Race to the Top.” I […]

Free Course on #democracy and #edreform in #baltimore, tell anyone in #maryland, #sosmaryland

I’m teaching a totally free class called Democracy and Education Reform, open to ALL comers, at the Baltimore Free School: The education reform conversation in the United States is dominated by a largely conservative ethos, a movement that bemoans the consistent failure of the public school system to keep America competitive in the global marketplace. […]

Buy This Book on January 9

This new book, Corporations Are Not People, by Jeff Clements has a foreword by Bill Moyers and has been praised in the highest terms by some of our nation’s best activists and organizers.  No one can read it and not understand the pressing need to put an end to corporate personhood. By making this book […]

#Democracy and #education #reform

Curious about any of the ideas presented here? In the Baltimore area? Come to a free class I’m hosting at the Baltimore Free School starting January 9th. Info’s here.

Does this make sense: #plutocracy, #democracy, and #education?

I’ve been working on an essay here, this was my last argument before conclusions. Does this make sense? I’m not sure. One final idea to consider is that of “circulation.” According to Pareto (1966), governing classes ensure their survival through a steady process of repositioning and renewal in government: The governing elite… flows like a […]

Coming Soon to An Oligarchy Near You

#Plutocracy and #education

I’ve been mulling over a new line of inquiry lately, that alternative to a democracy, we actually live within what Pareto called a “demagogic plutocracy.” I know that many commentators out there discuss test-driven, market-based, corporatized education reforms. However, the connections between massive accumulations of wealth, our plutocratic government, and education reform have not been […]

Thank You, Wisconsin, For Carrying the Fire

This is what democracy looks like as people begin to reclaim what is theirs.

More #testing not #innovation in #education

A piece by Kevin Huffman, a PR or PA person for TFA, pushes the persistent conservative philosophy of more testing as a way to innovation. And it’s in a so-called “progressive” online journal, which is strange. It is as if this conservative ideology is the de facto perspective, it’s perceived as “what works” at the […]

Who Needs A Republican Party When You Have a Democrat Eager to Implement Your Plan?

For those who worry about the future of the two party system as the Tea Party ushers the Republicans into BozoLand, never fear. With a President intent upon occupying the Center-Right while hoping Center-Left, all the Republicans have to do is to continue to move further right with the Tea Partiers, and the former Republican […]

"Fight Now or Kiss Your Country Goodbye"

Sign the petition at SaveDemocracy.net. From Raw Story: WASHINGTON — Responding to the Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday to overturn corporate spending limits in federal elections, progressive firebrand Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) immediately highlighted a series of moves to “avoid the terrible consequences of the decision.” “If we do nothing then I think you can kiss […]


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