As “scary” as it gets, a blank parent report. #optout


See how easy this is? No consequences, just a blank report. That’s all. So, parents, what are you waiting for? An invitation?

Hear that folks? A wonk at AEI says we can draw any conclusions we want about data

Fantastic. Phew. .@kevincarey1 Not defending or disparaging. You can come to whatever conclusion you like based on the data. point was, look it up. — Andrew P. Kelly (@AndrewPKelly) July 31, 2013

A new one from @mornamcdermott, is it the blue or the red pill? #highered

Once again, a well-researched and detailed piece from Educational Alchemy. Quick question, and this is for higher ed: why the hell would college syllabi need to be aligned to common core? I thought being college and career ready meant you were, you know, ready for college and we could move on?  Whose ridiculous idea is […]

Where are my #edtech folks on this one? #prism AND #connectED?

At noon today, on the White House blog, ConnectED was announced to, among other things:  That’s why President Obama is unveiling a bold, new initiative called ConnectED, which will connect 99 percent of America’s students to the internet through high-speed broadband and high-speed wireless within 5 years. The President also directed the federal government to […]

Gates, Murdoch and data mining

Gates and Murdoch like to say their interest in education is because their big hearts mean they really must help the poor wee kiddies learn better. Funny how they weren’t so interested until profit could be made, but hey, I’m just a bit cynical these days. And it’s no wonder I am when you learn […]

Another taste of test abstention data

As we continue to sift through the data from the survey, I wanted to offer the reader another taste. Here’s the list of tests refused this year. Now, I’ve learned two things from this. One, a great variety of assessments. And two, are you kidding me? How many products do we need and how much […]

An important graphic on comparing apples to apples #poverty #capeducation

This is an issue of social class, pure and simple. Of course poor kids can learn, no question. But let’s give them what they need to succeed and the sky’s the limit. Thanks to Christine McCartney.

Douglas County, CO, we’re worried about you.

Here, we have a Douglas County student climbing into a large cigarette box.

We have many friends in Colorado. Douglas County, a very conservative part of the state, keeps coming up in terms of propagating the worst corporatized education reforms have to offer. We have a document here from the District that discusses Reinventing American Education based on the CCSS and something called the ATCS2. Any help out […]

I know what you’re thinking. But At the Chalk Face, data? Really?

Yes. We need some data. We’re not going to be using it to close anything, steal your house, or your dog. But we need to gather some information on the growing opt out or test refusal movement. We need to know a bit about who you are and why you’re doing this. So, we ask […]

#Teacher #educators: you’re still on notice, and here’s why

Screen Shot 2012-08-18 at 5.16.13 PM

All right, so I’m trying to keep it together before this all day CCSS seminar that I have coming up next week. I have that burning feeling in my chest already. I put teacher educators on notice earlier this week, NOT ONE of my teacher ed friends responded. So, I’m doing it again. There is […]

A word on the true value added of #teachers via @gothamschools

A great piece from Gotham Schools on measuring the true value of teachers.  Here’s a good statement on the use of data: Still for all the motivating anger I felt, I also felt demoralized and quite simply sad. The data had no power to prove my worth, yet, since it was being used for political […]

The vaunted(?) TEP #charter #school not abiding by its no excuses ethos, so why is the principal still gainfully employed?

I feel bad. I visited TEP. I saw the kids, the conditions, I’ve reflected on this before. I’ll say it again: the inmates are running the asylum. The TEP Charter School is now embroiled in the NYDOE teacher evaluation data kerfuffle. Its “star” teacher received a pretty terrible rating despite the very high compensation, which […]

Brandenburg on the devastating irrelevance of #VAM, but will “they” listen?

To answer my own question, no… no they won’t. There’s too much money and ego invested to turn back now, which to me is insane. But check out Brandenburg’s post here and his analysis of the value added data.

After an interview with Bill Ayers yesterday @thechalkface, I know what we need to do

We need to throw our bodies into the machine, throw a wrench into the works, whatever analogy you want to use. There is no way to slow down this test driven madness unless action is taken. I think we will all soon realize that the individual student, parent, teacher, and administrator possesses more power than […]

#Identity #theft in #education #data

Which is why you’ll find no quarrel from me in using more qualitative measures to assess students and teachers.


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