#Commoncore opponents, a word please.


In recent weeks, I’ve seen a surge in Common Core opposition that is focused on the micro-examination of individual classroom assignments. Let me be clear at the outset: I oppose the Common Core State Standards. We’re clear on that, correct? All right. I’ve observed some interactions on a Facebook page called “Inappropriate Common Core Lessons.” the […]

Two things I thought would never be uttered: Thanksgiving and #commoncore, now with calcium


One more day before a short, but much-needed break. We’re culminating our study of the solar system tomorrow by launching a model rocket. But I just thought, for giggles, to peruse Google and Pinterest for some “Thanksgiving Fun” in case I had a few worthless minutes to spare. In 2013, is Thanksgiving in schools still […]

EngageNY modules: “So random” is no way to teach.

from NYSED NTI training July 2013

The New York State Education Department has been pushing Common Core implementation at a rapid pace, even forcing last spring’s new aligned state assessments on schools even though teachers had little opportunity for training and preparation. Giving teachers time to prepare and create lessons on their own is the key to any quality classroom experience. […]

#Commoncore supporters are butthurt #ESEA

Know your meme. CCSSO abandoning “efforts” to write social studies standards to instead focus on ELA/Math implementation, and to thwart opposition to CCSS, according to Education Weak [link excluded purposely, find it yourself if you want, or trust us]. CCSSO Executive Director Chris Minnich told me that the chiefs group wants and needs to focus […]

#Commoncore defenders, own it! It is a curriculum, and that’s that.

I have no problem with unvarnished assent to the common core. That’s between you and your therapist. But let’s get some things very, very clear. Actually, might I suggest some close reading of all the press, research, and commentary on the subject, because I’m not sure you’d be such a fan? In any event, the […]

DC schools bet the farm and then some on #commoncore. Good luck with that.

DC loves its reform. Especially those based on faith, not evidence. Education Week writes about what they call the “common core era.” Wow, I thought, you know, at least six months had to pass before we’re officially in an era. In a year, it might be an epoch. How well the school district can reach […]

“V” is for Victory #commoncore


More “propaganda”

A new post written @huffingtonpost on the #commoncore

I don’t know, some things are appropriate for the Huffington Post. This came from conversations I’ve had with proponents of the CCSS. There is a rabid insistence that it’s not a curriculum, it’s just standards, as if that makes it less intrusive or more palatable.  If that insistence is ideological, I get it. But if […]

Pulling back the curtain. #CCSS

by Bianca Tanis, New York educator and parent.   The more I learn about the new, Common-Core-based ELA exams and APPR protocols, the more I wonder who, exactly, is running the show. Who is the “man behind the curtain,” and what is his real agenda? Certainly, it is not someone with a background in child […]

Just as I compliment @educationweek…

I keep getting these dadblamed common core updates from them. Just stop it, stop it already.

Let’s try a different tack here today with some actual curriculum

Rather than comment once again on the dramatic deficiencies of the deform movement, allow me to inform the reader on what educators actually do. I’m helping to rewrite a chapter in an elementary social studies methods textbook and here’s a brief draft excerpt: Give students evidence, one clue at a time. Ask them to consider […]

Some thoughts from New Orleans

Both, BOTH, hosts of at the chalk face are in New Orleans, right in the heart of the French Quarter, at the Curriculum and Pedagogy conference. I first want to thank a friend and colleague for setting this up and gifting us the opportunity to speak. It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly. Basically, our […]

The only way someone like me could get behind the #commoncore

I know, shocking, right? But there is a way, and I’m so confident that it WON’T happen, that I need not actually see this through. I was thinking about some rather light topics this weekend, racism, sexism, poverty, all of that. Actually, what got me going was the news that a window at a Denver […]

The problem with unfunded mandates and the #commoncore @educationweek

Education Week gets to a fundamental problem with unfunded mandates: the scramble for resources. Teachers and curriculum developers who are trying to craft road maps that reflect the Common Core State Standards can find themselves in a dispiriting bind: Their current materials fall short, and there is a dearth of good new ones to fill […]

#Classroom management and #curriculum, a connection?

I had an epiphany yesterday, so I need folks out there to help me if they can. I’ve really been getting into this idea that curriculum can heal most management wounds. If what you’re teaching is worthwhile, interesting, relevant, and joyful, then you can trim a lot of management issues right off the top. Lately, […]


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