Competition, Choice and Market Forces

When it comes to education, governments bandy the word choice around with evangelical fervour saying, amongst other things, they are opening charter schools for us, the parents. Rubbish. In New Zealand we have heaps  of choice already: Special Character schools, Steiner Schools, home schooling, private schools, bilingual schools, correspondence school, Te kura kaupapa Maori (Maori […]

Fear of Creativity

On her blog, Kate Edson (who is a spare-time frugality researcher) tells about a book she is reading and offers these words: Everyone is born creative. However sometime between kindergarten and today, perhaps during the tumultuous time called adolescence, doubt creeps in and we may think we aren’t creative. Fear kicks in. Our comparative brain decides that what we created wasn’t as good as what Johnny created. Creativity stops. She says that […]



Reconstruction-era exploitation, that’s a fitting analogy for the competition over Race to the Top funds. Was there any doubt that this would happen? And the education professor at W & M who is offering school turnaround services via conference call to appeal for federal funds: Seriously? Well, here’s to you.


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