The Bizzaro World of Education 2.0

The policy of public school consolidation is recipe for disaster. Education “reformers, experts, policy makers” close public schools by using “under-utilization” or “under-performing” seats as an excuse to create larger school sizes. They view the outcome (test scores) as a production problem (teachers) and aim to alter the process (instruction) for the consumer (students). This […]

Using the Los Angeles school privatization pushers’ own propaganda against themselves

Those who can, TEACH. Those who cannot pass laws about teaching.

“Several studies of Los Angeles schools showed substantial gains from class size reduction. One found that smaller classes increased reading scores by 9.5%, math scores by 13.9% and language scores by 14.5%, with double these gains for “high need” students. Two other controlled studies also show significant gains in Los Angeles, with effect sizes that […]

RESPECTing the Best Teachers with Larger Classes

Sara Mosle, a charter corps member from TFA (Class of 1990), has written a propaganda piece in the NYTimes hailing the latest bad idea by corporate reform schoolers: larger classes for the teachers who do best raising test scores.  If you were without mind enough to believe Mosle, this revival of an old idea of […]

Bloomberg Wants to Double Teacher Salaries–By Doubling Class Size

In the early 19th Century, an efficiency zealot before his time named Joseph Lancaster came up with a monitorial system for schooling the urban poor, wherein a single teacher served as overseer for classes as large as 500 students.  With what might be thought of as a kind early Gingrich-style system using student assistants, these […]

Oligarchs’ Booker T. in KC Resigns, Leaving Big Broadie Shadow

Above: Booker T. Washington and the backers of racist industrial education policies Loyal Broadie, John Covington (Class of ’08), is headed to Michigan to perform more corporate reform-schooler meat axe surgery on the ailing body of the state’s public schools.  Covington announced his decision to leave the Kansas City Superintendent’s post last Wednesday afternoon, and […]


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