A lesson in reform from, of all places, The Princess Bride


Yesterday evening, I was thinking. Not too hard. But I was reminded of this classic scene from The Princess Bride. It’s a longer excerpt, but a good one. Read it, I’ll meet you at the bottom. “Pour the wine,” said the man in black. Vizzini filled the two goblets with deep-red liquid. The man in […]

Finland’s Choice-Based Educational Structure [re-blog]

Interesting graphic breakdown: Finland’s Choice-Based Educational Structure.

A thought experiment on #homeschooling… #choice

What if we enacted “choice” for homeschool students and parents? That is, kids and parents could walk into any house they wanted, or join any family they wanted, to receive a “better” education. I’ve often argued that homeschooling, while a viable option for some, is not for all, and we therefore need a free and […]

Competition, Choice and Market Forces

When it comes to education, governments bandy the word choice around with evangelical fervour saying, amongst other things, they are opening charter schools for us, the parents. Rubbish. In New Zealand we have heaps  of choice already: Special Character schools, Steiner Schools, home schooling, private schools, bilingual schools, correspondence school, Te kura kaupapa Maori (Maori […]

#Standardized #testing #iphone inspired graphic, share widely if you like.

testing iphone

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