#optout Chicago: Administrator Pledge


Michelle Gunderson: Administrator’s Pledge on Ethical Treatment of Students Who Opt Out Originally appeared here: http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/living-in-dialogue/2014/03/michelle_gunderson_shares_an_a.html

Too hot for our babies in Chicago, amateurism in #CPS continues

In just two days of teaching Kindergarteners in 90 degree heat, it would be unimaginable for me, at the very least, to work in the summer without air conditioning, like students and teachers this week did in Chicago.  Yes. I get it. I’m sure you trudged five miles in the snow, or ten miles in […]

Class-action status denied in Chicago. Ok. But…

In a suit to halt school closures, a judge denies class-action status to African-American and special needs students and families suing CPS. Huh. I’m no lawyer. But don’t they organize students into, you know, classes in school? Class of 2013, 2014, and such? Class rings, classroom, class rank?  Schools are all about tracking, sorting, grouping, […]

A Snarky Letter for A Heartless Leader: My Response to TFA Chicago’s Josh Anderson

Dear Josh Anderson, Executive Director of Teach for America Chicago, After reading your piece entitled Q&A with Josh Anderson, TFA Chicago on the Teacher Layoffs, I felt the need to reach out to you.  Perhaps you’ve never actually been inside a CPS school because you seem to not understand the very basic realities of this […]

Why My Students Do Not Need Teach for America

Wow, there has been such a flurry of stories and discussions in regards to Teach for America and its destructive role in education today.  I suppose my letter to new recruits played an important part in calling into question this organization, striking a chord of truth.  TFA has gone into full-time PR mode with a […]

A fantastic chunk of info from @NEPCTweet and @stephrrivera on @xianb8. And an anecdote

Don’t take my word for it. Go here and learn. But I also want to share an anecdote if I may. I met Xian in person at UOO’s Occupy 2.0 event in DC this last April. There was one individual in particular who sort of wandered into our event and was making some folks uncomfortable. […]

Contention is so high in Chicago, you apparently have to apply to even sit in a public meeting

Something seems very wrong that you have to be approved to sit in on a public meeting. What is the Board trying to hide?

@katieosgood_ speech outside Mayor Emanuel’s house, from @dianeravitch

Check out At the Chalk Face’s own Katie Osgood here at Diane Ravitch’s blog. Well, she is her own person, but you get what I mean. You can also hear from her from last Sunday’s episode of At the Chalk Face.

An Open Letter to New Teach for America Recruits

Teach for America T-shirt

Dear New TFA Recruits, It is summertime, which for those of you newly accepted into Teach for America, means you are enduring the long hard days of Institute.  I congratulate you on being accepted into this prestigious program.  You clearly have demonstrated intelligence, passion, and leadership in order to make it this far. And now […]

Center for American what? Progress? I don’t think so. @EdProgress

My behavior on social media differs from others. Folks claim RTs aren’t endorsements and that to me seems rather silly. Why would I propagate information and send it forward to followers if I don’t think it should be spread? Seems like lots of folks are getting busted for errant RTs, so perhaps there’s some genuine […]

Ultra badass student activists in Chicago giving it to CPS #stuvoice

I am quoting, via Facebook: Just spoke out against the Board of Education with students from the CSOSOS! Most bad ass thing in the world! Security had no idea what was going on as students across the room stood up and spoke against the Board. It was pure chaos!  My thirty second stand up speech: […]

#Occupylafayette, happening now, shaking my head

Parents, students, and educators occupied Lafayette ES in Chicago, slated for closure. This is a brilliant form of protest, everyone there should be applauded for their courage. This is quite a beautiful building in the picture. I cannot imagine what the city is planning to do with it.  Below is an image from a friend […]

Accountability for the bottom, immunity at the top, incompetence all around

CPS vision

Bill Maher’s recent New Rule is somewhat applicable to our current moment in education reform. Watch it now, or later, and come back here. One of the chief problems in education right now involves the actual workforce: uninspired, supervised, scrutinized, unappreciated, and underpaid. But the individuals populating the bloated bureaucracies of public school systems are […]

CPS enrollment figures unreliable, so we should probably rethink this whole school funding scheme, no?

The Chicago Tribune is reporting today that the enrollment proportion offered by CPS to tout progress of the massive closure plan is, well, bunk. Bottom line: Chicago Public Schools touted a smooth start to the school closing process this week by announcing that 78 percent of students at schools being shut down have been enrolled […]

In case you were wondering, apartheid totally apt, #cpsclosings

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 5.24.48 PM

I’m researching something else. But I encountered the following article from the Baltimore Sun in 1986. During apartheid, they closed 30 Black schools at once and it was a BIG deal. In Chicago, IL, United States, in 2013, they’re closing 50. Wow. Also found this curious passage in an earlier article, perhaps from the 50s or […]


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