Chomsky’s concept of engineering opinion illustrated by Broad’s Jean-Claude Brizard

Eli Broad's tentacles of neoliberal austerity and privatization exceed even Orwellian dystopian visions.

“But as long as people are marginalized and distracted and have no way to organize or articulate their sentiments…” — Professor Noam Chomsky Broadyte Jean-Claude Brizard was interviewed by the right-wing Fordham Institute a few days ago, and excerpts appeared in a Chicago publication. Not wasting any opportunities to vilify teachers and demonize organized working class […]

Rahm the Raptor and the TFA Solution: No Retirement, No Retirement Problem

Since 1995, the City of Chicago has been on holiday during most of those years.  On holiday, that is, from putting in the annual payments to keep the Chicago Teacher Retirement Fund solvent.  The dwindling fund has been no secret to anyone for a long time, but after the CTU showed the small, vicious Mayor […]

Support Chicago Students’ Test Boycott Tomorrow

From PURE: « Students opting out of PSAE PSAT for 4-23-13: Support the student PSAE test boycott Tomorrow, CPS high school students organized by Chicago Students Organizing to Save Our Schools and VOYCE will boycott the second day of the state high school exam, the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE). The first testing day includes the ACT […]

The Fight in Chicago to Stop Mass School Closings: Model for the Nation

From SubstanceNews: Thousands march, 127 arrested in massive March 27 Chicago Loop protests against school closings, Emanuel dictatorship George N. Schmidt – March 28, 2013 More than 3,000 teachers, parents, students and other citizens rallies and marched against school closings in Chicago on March 27, 2013, and 129 were arrested during civil disobedience to protest […]

Will Chicago Public Schools Be Sued Duing Black History Month for Its White Curriculum?

From CHATHAM — State Rep. Mary Flowers (D-Chicago) is urging a community group to file a lawsuit against Chicago Public Schools for not complying with a 22-year-old state law that requires all public elementary and high schools to include black history as part of its regular curriculum.  “I encourage you to file a lawsuit against CPS to make […]

Rahm and the Fat Cats

Parents and Teachers Everywhere: Watch and Understand that Chicago’s Education Problems are America’s Education Problems

Please send the video link or embed it and post everywhere you can, in every county, state, and country.  

Advice to Chicago Teachers: Steer Clear of Weingarten

President of the AFT, Randi Weingarten, emerged today with a statement to the New York Times that  feeds that vitriol that corporate ed deformers are trying to promote against Chicago teachers: “You have a situation where the teachers feel totally and completely disrespected,” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, the parent […]

Internal memo from #CPS asking #teachers to be snitches, @ctulocal1

Here’s an internal memo from Chicago Public Schools asking teachers to snitch on their colleagues. Pathetic. Here’s the best part: While these are lawful activities, you should report them via the e-verify system. Perhaps the folks listed at the bottom should get a couple of emails. Just saying. But I’m not in Chicago, so I’d […]

Chicago Teachers Union Versus Astroturf Billionaires

Billionaires like the Koch Brothers, Betsy DeVos, and Bill Gates fund astroturf tools like Jonah Edelman, Rebecca Nieves Huffman, and Kyle Olson. Working with anti-working class politicians like Rahm Emanuel, these groups and individuals strive to privatize public education, union bust, and profit off the sufferings of the poor. Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is on […]

Chicago Teachers Voting Now to Authorize Strike If Negotiations Fail

What is going on in Chicago among teachers should be a lesson for the country, especially the cowardly and appeasing pack of lawyers and PR men who are running the NEA and AFT. CTU has a group of leaders who have not forgotten the democratic and social justice missions that unionism is built upon, and […]

Tribune Lines Up Behind Brizard, Chicago’s New Broadie

Just as Booker T. Washington was groomed by white philanthropists during the first Gilded Age to advance the cause of segregation, containment, and indoctrination of African-Americans, the philanthrocapitalists of our Gilded Age 2.0 have a whole slew of Booker T.’s to push the message of miseducation, austerity, and oppression of today’s minority children in America’s […]

#Teacher #evaluations are balls

Yeah, they’re balls, you want to fight about it? Check this ridiculous and infuriating story from Chicago Public Schools with regard to principal evaluations of teachers. Hey, I have a question: when are teachers going to be able to evaluate administrators? You know, maybe teachers could follow some bureaucrat in a cubicle all day and […]


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