Saving a school: Predatory enrollment

The Washington Post discussed recently the immense pressure administrators, and staff as well, are under to re-enroll students in their schools in order to keep and maintain resources. The move is a sign of the tremendous pressure on the District’s traditional public schools. Charter schools, which appeared less than two decades ago, now enroll nearly […]

The Privatization of Special Education

Like so much else in education and beyond, we are seeing the familiar pattern of defunding, claiming crisis, and then calling for privatization in special education. This past week in Chicago, our unelected Board of Education recently voted to expand contracts with private, for-profit organizations to meet the growing needs of our children with special needs as […]

I am insulted by the promise of a “quality education”

The Washington Post recently reported that DC approved three new charter schools. What bothers me the most about this: do we really need any new charters? How can we have so many different operators in one city, with wildly different leadership styles and educational philosophies? Plus, one of these schools is being opened by a former […]

Ignoring Mental Health in the Grit Debate

This week, NPR has (once again) jumped onto the “gritty” bandwagon by playing a number of pieces related to the corporate education reform favorite of “grit.”  On my way to work one morning, I heard an NPR reporter share in a perky voice, “Experts define grit as persistence, determination and resilience; it’s that je ne sais […]

Worst Op-Ed of 2014, Already?

I waited until December of 2013 to raise this question: Worst Education Op-Ed of 2013? So I don’t rush into this claim casually: Jonathan Chait’s Public Education’s Weird Ideological Divide is already the worst Op-Ed of 2014, and likely will not be surpassed (but may be tied often, I regret to say). Chait’s piece isn’t long (thankfully) but […]

Can There Be Equitable School Choice for All?

"Mary had a little lamb, little lamb..."

It never fails.  No matter what the discussion was originally intended to be, it almost always seems to devolve (or sometimes even evolve) into a very passionate and sometimes nasty debate about parental choice in education.  Every time I read through one of these often entertaining threads on a discussion board or Facebook, I always […]

Deck the halls with No Excuses, Fa La lala, lala la la! #charterschools

‘Tis the season choosy with your students. I am told by reliable sources that many charter schools in our nation’s capital, Washington DC, enjoy very much acquiring valuable per pupil dollars at the start of the school year. Then, after those funds are locked in, PURGE their respective schools of unruly students.  Traditional public schools […]

Impact of shutdown to be felt by DC charter schools, but…

… notice the list of priorities here. Is this in any particular order? Ramona Edelin, executive director of the D.C. Association of Chartered Public Schools, said the payment, totaling $101 million, is supposed to go toward preparation for SAT and other entrance tests as well as food services and teacher pay. “Some schools have something […]

The Problem With Charter Schools

Evan Seymour,  aka, Moi Naturale, is a new blogger.  My thanks to Diane Ravitch for bringing her to our attention.

A Sane Reply To Bill McCallum: Why I Cannot Support the Common Core “State” Standards

William McCallum is, by his own description, a man who was “born in Australia and came to the United States to pursue a Ph. D. in mathematics at Harvard University, a professor at the University of Arizona, working in number theory and mathematics education.” He is also the chair of the Common Core mathematics standards […]

The sky is falling & so are the Common Core test scores.


In New York State the new Common Core aligned state assessment results for third through eighth grade will be released on Wednesday. State education officials are warning schools to expect “lower student proficiency levels“. Diane Ravitch reported today that an administrator from a “high-achieving school” found a significant drop in their student scores on the […]

Response to Joe Nathan’s hawking for tech industry profits

School Privatization and Neoliberalism are Big Business

Charter charlatan Joe Nathan has made a decent living pushing privatization and pimping poverty. A regular participant in the active comment section on the Professor Diane Ravitch’s blog, Nathan can always be counted on for advocating neoliberal education reform and corporate profits. Today was no different, with Nathan effectively defending the demise of school libraries […]

Oh my God, what’s wrong with people? #stopcpscuts

This. This. This. Via Sun Times.

How Obama Can Help Young Black Boys

A few days ago, President Obama gave an emotional speech to calm the outrage over  the decision in the Trayvon Martin case. President Obama expressed his own personal insights into the realities of racism on everyday life for black men in the United States and acknowledged the problems we still face when it comes to […]

Farewell to Mayor Villaraigosa: Pragmatist or Lacky of the Rich?

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa speaking at a school privatization event. Photo by Robert D. Skeels

Farewell to Mayor Villaraigosa: Pragmatist or Lacky of the Rich? via Diane Ravitch’s blog. As Antonio Villaraigosa exits the mayoralty of Los Angeles, there will be both tributes and brickbats. Among other things, he will be remembered for his failed attempt to take control of the public schools and for his hostility to teachers, to their […]


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