My appearance on Empower DC’s We Act radio on my school’s co-location

Just in case you’re interested in a lengthy discussion about a public school co-location with a charter from the inside.

Alex Johnson’s corporate SuperPAC run by Eli Broad’s Dan “students must pledge to capitalism” Chang

Privatization pusher Dan Chang is a Broadyte

“Financed by conservative billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates and Eli Broad, charters willingly carry out the indoctrination their benefactors seek.” — Professor Ralph E. Shaffer Corporate candidate Alex Johnson and his backer Mark Ridley-Thomas have already raised incredible amounts of money in their attempt to seize a seat on the Los Angeles Unified School (LAUSD) […]

Said it before and we’ll say it again: #edreform is cheap @rocketshiped

Rocketship Education sputters. I guess they didn’t build that play too well as they flew it. An editorial from the WI Journal Sentinel pretty much sums it up. Rocketship relies on inexperienced teachers, almost one-third of whom quit last year. It saves money by having students as young as kindergarten spend one-quarter of their day […]

Interesting Teacher Appreciation festivities from a MI charter school, via @eclectablog

A MI charter school decides to humiliate its teachers to appreciate them. Interesting. MANDIVA – Our 3 favorite male faculty members in heels for an hour SAVE MY JOB – 3 faculty members will stand in the parking lot during dismissal and hold a sign. CREAM FACIAL – Students will throw pie in 3 faculty members’ faces during […]

Communities of color have been decimated by corporate reform. Now anger spreads when it affects white folk like @RBNLake

Robin Lake of Seattle writes: As the director of an education think tank focused on national issues, it feels indulgent to write about my own kids’ experiences in the public school system. But there’s no better way to illustrate one of the reasons my organization pursues the work it does on behalf of students. Let […]

Please give us the status of Malcolm X in DC. #DCPS @hendersonkaya

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 10.37.49 AM

We have been nice. We have been doing everything suggested mandated by the District. Now, what do you plan to do? Close us or not? Here’s the problem. I am new to this school, but I’m not new to the issues at play here. I’ve been dealing with this for quite some time. To put […]

Co-location is more frustration than cooperation

This is a picture of the DC Mayor Vincent Grey and the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visiting my school for a brief 60 minute press conference on the recent NAEP results. I haven’t even looked through the report yet, so I have no comment on that. [Let me say how much this visit screwed […]

Insight into co-location, dirt edition #edchat #TFA

Sort of a follow-up to a previous post of mine. As a public school, your kid shows up, we teach them. It is rather well-documented that charter schools, shall we say, select the most successful students. All I have to say is, “How the HELL are you going to suspend a five year-old SIX times […]

A small anecdotal tidbit on how charter schools select out students

Some charter school chains enact a form of educational Darwinism. Case in point. Let’s say that a certain public school classroom received a new student the other day.  The teacher learned that the student came from a local charter school very close by, definitely within the same district. Largely serving the same student population. When […]

I am “outing” myself… sort of, with the Kinder Chronicles, Part One.

Close friends and associates know me by name, Shaun Johnson.  No, I’m not the gymnast. I tried as best as I could to go by a pseudonym because, well, I caught a lot of flak from my former supervisors in higher education because of my views. That is, skeptical and largely against Common Core, critical […]

Bennett and Flo Rida, match made in heaven #NCSC13

Florida's newest charter operator

What happened in IN, you know, with former state supe Bennett and fixing the grades of a big donor’s charter school? Didn’t I just wax philosophical about my previous reverence for those in “Central Office?” I did. But these are the ones that fudge data and school grades. Where do they get these people, anyway? In […]

Why would a new CA charter operator require so little?

This is why you can’t take many of the contentions seriously, that market-oriented advocates are trying to strengthen the teaching profession. Otherwise, they would be models of professionalism and require more than basic skills and sub-credentials. Thanks to CG on Facebook.

Education "Reform" with David Sirota

YouTube IntroductionWhat’s really happening in education politics? Would you believe it’s a battle between greedy school teachers and corporate CEOs who want what’s best for the children? Well, not so much. Charter schools backed by these so-called “education reformers” aren’t necessarily better than standard public education – it’s actually been proven that they aren’t. Charter […]

Memphis Commercial-Appeal Continues to Ignore Reasons Behind Projected School Budget Deficit

Today the Memphis Commercial-Appeal has a big story on the 80-90 million dollar hole in next year’s school budget for the new “unified” Shelby County Schools.  Reporter Michael Kelly manages to point to a number of reasons for the shortfall without ever mentioning the primary reason, charter schools, the expansion of which creates inefficiencies throughout […]

Obama Pushes Apartheid Charter Movement in Georgia Over the Top

My first year of teaching was in Georgia in 1971, one year after the end of segregation in Washington County, where I would teach Title I English at TJ Elder Jr. High School.  The personnel director (before people became human resources) wore a white suit and white patent leather loafers, and he grinned widely as […]


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