Parents Across America Are Opting Out

Looks like parents have finally had enough testing too. The Superintendent of Montgomery County Maryland called for a three year moratorium on high stakes standardized testing. The budget squeeze is making it impossible to ignore all the money for testing. The perfect storm. On January 27 at 1:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM Central and 4:00 […]

Episode 14

Episode 14 of the podcast is up and ready.  Or, you can get it here. Also, if you’re a visual learner, you can check the episode out on YouTube. Enjoy.


Traffic at the Chalk Face has certainly increased today as a result of my essay at Inside Higher Ed. Those of you who are visiting for the first time, please continue your visits and forward information along to anyone you think might be interested.  Also, feel free to comment or get in touch with me […]

Episode 13 video

Oh boy, I don’t know, this is all an experiment. Please, please, please, don’t think this is me loving all over myself or anything like that. The video seemed like a new way to reach out, something else to eat away at my time, we’ll see if it can or should continue. But I have […]


Episode 13 of the podcast is available for download here or you can check it out on iTunes once the server updates.  I’m editing the YouTube version of it and will have that up shortly as well. Enjoy and thanks for hanging on.  EPISODE 13 SEPT 20 2010 Correction: I changed it from 14 to […]

Messing around

I created a YouTube page for the podcast, thinking that I would record video and audio simultaneously. I guess this is just a way to take advantage of all the free platforms and media available and perhaps inject some new life and new fun into this enterprise. As much as I made fun of blogging […]

Pick ups

All right then, I guess I should also remind readers that At the Chalk Face has a Facebook page and you can subscribe to the blog feed via email by scrolling to the bottom of the page.  After every post, I also put in a “socialize” bar that allows you to share representative posts on […]

Episode 12

A new podcast episode is up, enjoy. EPISODE 12 JULY 27 2010

Episode 11, finally!

Apologies for the podcasting hiatus, but 11 is up for your listening pleasure.  In it I include a clip from my presentation at the AAUP conference in DC last week.  We had a lively conversation. Thank you to those in attendance and your willingness to participate. EPISODE 11 JUNE 11 2010

The professionals (the trilogy)

Last entry on the AAUP conference.  Yesterday morning, my presentation went pretty well I think.  I ended up having the audience and other panel members participate in a podcast recording, so I will include that segment in Episode 11, which is LONG overdue, it seems.  Sorry about that, people. I went to a panel yesterday […]

Episode 10

Enjoy episode 10.  In it I discuss top ten education reforms I’d like to see.  Again, you can subscribe for free on iTunes or Podcast Alley.  Just click the links on the sidebar. EPISODE 10 MAY 24 2010

Episode 9

At long last (was it two weeks?), episode 9 is available. In it I discuss the boys crisis and a bit of a review of Richard Whitmire’s new book Why Boys Fail. EPISODE 9 MAY 11 2010

Episode 7

Episode 7 for your listening pleasure. You can link to it below, but I am unable to upload to iTunes just now. My wife does not have a VPN connection on her machine to access the feed, so I may have to pop into the my office to upload in the next couple of days. […]


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