EngageNY : Robotic Teachers Wanted.

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Came across this gem when trying to decipher my son’s 4th Grade math homework (which included the inane task of making 50 dots to represent multiplying by tens).  EngageNY contains scripted curriculum modules at a price of $12.9 million for the K-8 lessons. I find it insulting that a teacher should be told to add emotion and energy […]

EngageNY modules: Stunning incompetence.

EngageNY 1

Another questionable lesson from the curriculum modules found at NYSED’s propaganda website EngageNY.org   Once again, why did NYSED spend $12.9 million of taxpayer money on scripted lessons for K-8 when New York’s teachers can produce superior (and appropriate) curriculum.   Thoughts on this Kindergarten homework assignment?                   […]

A Tale of Two Students

This is a guest post from Loy Gross, upstate New York parent and advocate.   Proponents of Common Core State Standards and the New York tests associated with them try to convince us they are necessary. They say the standards make students college and career ready, and the New York tests provide an accurate measure […]

Dear PTA,

Dear ___________________ (Insert District/School PTA President’s name), Please accept my donation of $_____  to our school Parent Teacher Association.  I/We truly appreciate the dedication and time that our local PTA devotes to enhancing the educational and social opportunities for our children and their school. I/We are choosing to donate money to our school’s PTA as […]

Dr. Krashen’s Solutions Work! Preempt “summer learning loss” by addressing poverty, and ensuring access to books!

Dr. Krashen's proven reforms to preempt "summer learning loss." Address poverty, and ensure access to books!

Providing more access to interesting reading material by investing in public libraries and librarians is an excellent way to deal with summer learning loss. — Dr. Stephen D. Krashen Let’s talk about serendipity. This morning at teacher sent me a Haertel paper on the unreliability of Value Added Measures, and I saw a figure in […]

Humanities and LSAT reflect Critical Thinking versus Core Knowledge debate

Go Humanities

“In short, the real literacy crisis occurs whenever we deploy a pedagogy that asks our students only to consume texts and not to produce them as well.” — Richard E. Miller The ABA Journal recently posted a piece entitled “Students with these college majors had the highest LSAT scores” that discusses the findings of Pepperdine University […]

Common Core Prescription Will Not Heal Education

Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/prescriptive

During my presentations, I make the case that the Common Core Standards are a prescriptive list of content standards, rather than a descriptive framework. The other night, in Santa Fe, one of my more well-known audience members disagreed, based on her opinion. What’s the difference? And why does it matter? First of all, let’s consider […]

K12NN: American Statistical Association has just released a very important document on Value Added Methodologies

VAM/AGT and other neoliberal corporate reforms have all scientific validity of phrenology. They're just as racist as well.

First published April 9, 2014 on K-12 News Network “The President of the United States and his Secretary of Education are violating one of the most fundamental principles concerning test use: Tests should be used only for the purpose for which they were developed. If they are to be used for some other purpose, then […]

Common Core = “College Ready” ?

From New York parent Loy Gross: Why do we need Common Core? Experts tell us it will make kids “college and career ready.” And let me add, potatoes don’t have wings because my bicycle is a 10-speed. Out of those two statements, only one has a measure of truth. Potatoes don’t have wings. And my […]

NY State Senator George Latimer is my new Hero!

Although NY State Senator George Latimer isn’t a professional educator by trade, his perspective, vis-à-vis CCSS implementation, is spot on! This video is definitely worth watching, a few times. You have to love how he “slaps” the table for added emphasis!

Joanne Yatvin: The Common Core Standards May Be Harmful to Children


The following article was written by Dr. Joanne Yatvin, who does a great job of pointing out problems with specific standards, and how easy it is to tell that the Common Core Standards were not created by educators or child learning specialists.  Such specialists, such as Dr. Yatvin, have determined that they are harmful to […]

CCSS: The Black Hole of Education

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Common Core is “Obamacore.” No? What about this one: the Common Core is Bill – the “Brain” – Gates’ plan to take over the world? Still no?  If you haven’t, then you’ve been living under a rock, somewhere. Yes, the infamous Common Core State Standards (CCSS) has […]

A story of revolution….


The King and his policymakers gather in a large building making laws for the people in lands far from the towers of the capital.  The leaders imposed a biased system of judgement that took away the opportunities for localities to make their own decisions. People proclaimed that citizens should be judged by their “peers” instead […]

An investigative documentary into the Common Core State Standards Initiative

BUILDING THE MACHINE (2014) – Official Trailer [HQ] I want to use the same disclaimer here that I did the last time I posted Common Core State Standards (CSSS) related materials from sources that I disavow any connection with. The video is produced by, and also features, individuals that are from fringe-right-wing groups. The last […]

A Common MisCOREception?

I’m having a difficult time understanding the argument against the actual CCSS. I’m not referring to HOW they were developed, or ARE financed, but the case against using the anchor standards as a guide for lesson planning. Basically, there are four anchor standards, each provided in length below. As a social studies teacher, I cannot […]


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