#Edreform is Omni Consumer Products #robocop


I’m not too excited about the Robocop reboot. It seems like it lost the original’s wit, humor, and surprisingly serious commentary about a largely predicted dystopian future. All right, enough serious talk about a movie with a car called the 6000 SUX. Although, very close to what soon became a reality: the SUV. But in honor […]

A brief and important thought about high stakes testing

Remember, and I want to make this brief, yet as clear as crystal. I’ll even bold it. If you are a supporter of a regime of high stakes testing and scripted core curriculum, then you are the status quo.  There is this rather confusing idea out there that those who take marching orders from the […]

A new management organization for school leaders, LEE

So, I’ve heard of a new educational leadership management, business-ey organization called Leadership for Educational Equity. Sounds nice. Russo has something up about it in This Week in Education. Calls it a TFA spin-off. Nice. That’s just what we need. Russo also says the website is pretty sparse, no way to tell what’s about to […]

Enjoy a round-up of posts from around the #edreform blogosphere

Let’s first take a look at a round-up of interesting posts today, more later: Yinzercation publishes a great list of Opt Out FAQs Optimization Zorn, the strange futuristic sounding company testing four-year olds in TX Schools Matter reposts a potential boycott of MSNBC from our own Slek. And, lest we needed any more proof, education […]

Autism, ADHD, Adaptation and Randomization

I. Some time ago I wrote a piece noting how it seems autism is becoming a useful “disorder” to have.  (I used the quotes for a reason which I hope becomes clear.)  The post, “Autism: the next ‘specialty’ credential,” tried to create a kind of choral effect between an essay by Adam Philips on the […]

#Reuters article all the proof you need: #edreform & #edtech is for profit –> @chrishayes @maddow

From Business Insider: Education entrepreneur John Katzman urged investors to look for companies developing software that can replace teachers for segments of the school day, driving down labor costs. “How do we use technology so that we require fewer highly qualified teachers?” asked Katzman, who founded the Princeton Review test-prep company and now focuses on […]


Sorry for the harsh language in the title there.  From an educator’s standpoint, I feel like I have to word my views strongly because this perspective lacks the strength of voice given to superintendents and policy makers.  But here’s this little manifesto on how to fix our nation’s schools from the usual reform suspects that […]


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