From Wayne Au on Facebook: MI teachers’ union encourages boycott of student teachers #highered

What an interesting idea: refuse student teachers from a university that supports a certain reform initiative. As a humble graduate student, like a lot of graduate students everywhere in teacher education, I/we did all of the dirty work. We were the ones low enough on the old totem pole to actually do the field work […]

Give us your tired, your poor, your befuddled masses @educationweek


Good friend Gary Valiant today kicked off a rather interesting idea: a boycott of Education Week, the education publication of record, apparently. Even an anonymous education blogger for the publication is frustrated. To wit: I understand the frustration with EdWeek. As I have responded when this has been raised elsewhere, I think it is important to […]

A potential for an education research boycott? #AERA13 #highered

I actually don’t know if “civilians” understand how academic publication works, at least for the humdrum, commoner, the everyday “scholar” who doesn’t have major book deals. Let me explain. So, in order to receive tenure and promotion as a faculty member, which I think might be over-rated at this point, a faculty member needs to […]

To support the end of overtesting, consider putting your facebook profile on pause @dianeravitch


Courtesy of Jean Schutt McTavish. Put your profile on pause to boycott test-driven education.

A new anti-testing PSA?

Curriculum narrowing


Student walkout of TCAP tests coming up this week

Here’s a video diary to learn more.

Not based on the best example of WW2 prop, but I think this captures #scrapthemap



Special episode of At the Chalk Face tonight, 9PM EST/6PM PST

We’ve invited a great guest, which is why the special day and time: Alexia Garcia, student organizer of a Portland boycott of the OAKS test. Probably the best test acronym by far. There’s some information here I’ll quote from Education Week, which is in turn from OregonLive: Alexia Garcia, a Lincoln High School senior, said […]

#MAP #boycott may lead to “sanctions”

This from the Answer Sheet:  The superintendent of schools, Jose Banda, ordered administrators to  pull students out of classrooms to take the test in the library, but many students refused to take it and turned in letters signed by their parents giving them permission to opt out of the test, teachers reported. This seems to […]

Special episode of At the Chalk Face 2night! #optout

Check in with us tonight from 9 to 10PM EST, lots going on in Seattle, so it’s worth a special episode of At the Chalk Face. First half will be guests, a parent and teacher from the Seattle area. Second, commentary and your calls: 805-727-7111  

Prop poster 12: The Battle for Public Schools

Another experimental poster. Share widely.

Need I remind you that EVERYONE is listening to At the Chalk Face talking the Seattle #boycott

Well, if I must remind you, then here’s the link: parent and Garfield teacher. 

#HST #boycott signed by some heavy hitters

Man, what a list. And, I think you might recognize some names up there, including folks At the Chalk Face, cough, cough, Shaun, cough, Tim. In any case, this Seattle boycott has really stirred some kind of hornet’s nest. Let’s ride this out and see where it goes. Thanks mainly go out to Brion Jones […]

Another parody video from @thechalkface on an #optout of testing, enjoy.

Courtesy of One Direction: No Direction With High Stakes Standardized Testing. Share widely!

Could the #AFT and #NEA promote an actual walkout? What is there to lose?

I see that educators in Rio staged a walkout to boycott their national exams: The walkout called by the Teachers Union of the State of Rio de Janeiro, SEPE, is not an isolated local event. The SAERJ imposed by [Rio state governor] Sérgio Cabral is a key component of his Goals Plan, and only the […]


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