The next frontier for #TFA? Warrior training in Kenya?

No analysis necessary. But a vomitous story’s out there about some CA white chick who is training to be a Maasai warrior. Here’s her account.  Young, white knights? Are you ready? I mean, what the hell does becoming a “warrior” mean? She’s out there for a few months hither and thither doing some cross training. […]

Good example of why #optout is a great strategy

And this from a Johns Hopkins computer science course, from BoingBoing: Johns Hopkins computer science prof Peter Fröhlich grades his students’ tests on a curve — the top-scoring student gets an A, and the rest of the students are graded relative to that brainiac. But last term, his students came up with an ingenious, cooperative […]

The cold-hearted scam of academic publishing RIP Aaron Schwartz #highered

I don’t know much about Aaron Schwartz or hacking or any of that. At the Chalk Face is a mild Reddit user, that’s all. But I follow the blog Boing Boing, a sort of digital culture and technology digest. Great stuff. They’ve got a few successive posts up about Aaron Schwartz, who took his own […]

Astounding collection of WWII British propaganda films, via @boingboing

While we’re on teaching primary documents, there’s a great collection of free and downloadable films posted by the British Council meant to aid the war effort in Britain during WWII. I’ve always had an odd interest in WWII, and I don’t know where it came from. Little bits like this really make me happy. I […]

The connections between physicians and #educators are writing themselves these days, esp. with the potential to #optout

I postulated over a year ago about the implications for physicians if they were evaluated and scrutinized like teachers. Given that health care reform is a political football right now, with a lot of focus on cost containment, I think physicians are looking at very similar attempts to control their work. Well, especially dealing with […]

Entire documentary of Langley School Music Project on YouTube

I had no idea about this, thanks for posting BoingBoing. I’m watching it!!

I can think of better ways to spend $$$

I found this little project via BoingBoing on Kickstarter. It’s about a grad school dropout who wants to write a book about independent learning and NOT going back to school. This bothers me, but why? I don’t know. She’s talking about graduate school and I feel her sentiment. Many do end up going to […]

This is what #science #teaching should be like…

but alas it isn’t in most cases. Enjoy.

3D printing technology in #classrooms

Sounds like a great workshop on using 3D printing in the classroom. Unfortunately, it’s in NYC, otherwise, I’d be there. But no matter, no room in the curriculum for something like that. Nope, nope, nope. Thanks BoingBoing.

Some healthy perspective on #edreform

Via BoingBoing:

#Facebook and #education #reform


I can’t quite remember the inspiration for this, maybe it was the whole Onion and Facebook thing recently, not sure.  But I decided to enter in some basic search terms into Facebook, like teachers unions, education reform, and so forth. It doesn’t really prove anything, just a curiosity that seems to fall within a particular theme. […]

Tom the Dancing Bug = awesome


Man, this is some cold, cold stuff here.  What’s wrong with people? (via BoingBoing). I can’t embed flash, so the article and video are available here.


Checking BoingBoing is always part of my daily routine and it just so happens that they have a couple of interesting education-related posts today.  Check out this one on the zero tolerance police states schools are apparently turning into and this one about geo-tagging preschoolers.  It might be a little far-fetched to say that a […]


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