#SMDH on teacher evaluation…

When is it time to just give up? All these excuses from those who still have this unyielding faith in technocratic methods that just aren’t working. Bunch of crybabies, all of them. Now what might work THIS time are outside evaluators and, of all things, cameras in the classroom? What? They have to stop handing […]

Is Maverick Education Partnership (CFN 407) Complicit in PS 154’s Failing??


More from my blog; South Bronx School Is it funny, the ironic kind of funny, how Uncle Mike and his henchmen want to publicly out teachers TDR’s and shame teachers? Yet, where is the voracious callings to show what those who are running the schools actually do, where they are, and what their assessments are? […]

Goodbye to PS 154 in The Bronx?


Wow, I have been gone for some time now.  According to SBSB records the last blog post was October 2. Unfortunately, I have been quite busy of late and have had a bad case of writer’s block. But not to fear, as when the blog started back in 2008, I have recently been blessed with […]

Guest Post: Tough Educational Challenges Make for Bad ‘Reforms’

By John Thompson There is an old saying that, “Tough cases make bad law.” Similarly, the New York Department of Education, due to its size, is a tough educational challenge. Ordinarily, Eric Nadelstern’s “The Evolution of School Support Networks in New York City” would primarily interest policy wonks, but since the architects of New York […]

@assailedteacher calls for a strike in NY

I remember a strike at my elementary school. Teachers were holding signs at the end of the long driveway that lead up to our school, which is now a soccer field. I can imagine that as a student, I was just glad our school year was delayed. Assailed Teacher has a thought or two on […]

How to Create a Real Revolution: Another Decade of Testing

As the video shows below (from Norm Scott), the pent-up anger is running hot and fast just below the surface.  Bloomberg’s suited guardian goons (NYPD or Blackwater?) are more aggressive and surly, and the parents, grandparents, students, and teachers will not sit still any longer for oligarchs running their schools or their communities.  Want to […]

Bloomberg Wants to Double Teacher Salaries–By Doubling Class Size

In the early 19th Century, an efficiency zealot before his time named Joseph Lancaster came up with a monitorial system for schooling the urban poor, wherein a single teacher served as overseer for classes as large as 500 students.  With what might be thought of as a kind early Gingrich-style system using student assistants, these […]

Thank you, Mike Bloomberg, For Reminding Us Who the Enemy Is

Bloomberg, Murdoch, and the rest of the 1%er media titans have been poisoning the Web and the airwaves during the past week with their sanctioned story of crime-ridden and diseased encampments of drugged-up Occupy protestors.  Such lies were agreed upon in advance and issued to media outlets, including PBS, which loyally followed the corporate story.  […]

After 9 Years of Corporate Reform Schooling, New Yorkers Conclude Bloomberg Has Failed to Improve Education

Michael Bloomberg

  Even with his own media empire to tout his puffed up edu-exploits, and even with a herd of imported thin-lipped British economists as edu-advisors, and even with a passel of lawyers led by Joel “McChoakumchild” Klein to put a choke hold on the NYC Department of Education, and even with an unending stream of […]

Edu-commentary… assembled

I thought I would try a new, semi-regular feature picked up from the blogosphere: gathering comment and commentary from around the education world for your unadulterated enjoyment, or perhaps to your chagrin. Michelle Rhee on PA: In cases where there aren’t enough spaces in good charter schools, and in which neighborhood schools are failing to […]

Steiner’s NY Waiver Machine in High Gear for Bloomberg’s Latest Toadie

Standards and accountability remain laws of the land when it comes to being tough with hungry kids living in motels with their families, but when it comes to the Oligarchs’ choices to run the urban penal farms for children called schools, all that is needed is another waiver to make them highly-qualified, like the one […]

#Black-listed in #NYC

Yeah, probably won’t be the first one to have come up with that one for a title. In any case, I understand that Cathie Black is indeed out after a measly 95 days. The reasoning: justifiable. And I’m sure it had more to do with politics than really what as best for the school system. […]

Prince Mike’s Latest "Stinging Setback"

After turning the whole selection process for Chancellor of Schools into a blatant scam to serve the NYC Oligarchy, now we find out that it was all for nothing.  Cathie Black is out after three months in, and Prince Mike has selected another unqualified candidate to take his orders on running the schools.

Funny as hell

If you don’t know about the whole Cathie Black controversy in NYC, look some of it up here. In response to it, I think this is funny as hell. Maybe Sarah Palin can beg for a waiver to be President in 2012.  She’d need one, although I hope to God she doesn’t get it.


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