At the Chalk Face programming updates

First, we want to thank everyone out there for listening and supporting At the Chalk Face radio. Ever since we started broadcasting in the winter of 2010, we knew the show fulfilled an important niche in the overall education dialogue that was unavailable at the time. I don’t think anyone else delivers it like we […]

Listen to our most recent episode with Katie Osgood on #TFA

Here’s the link. What improved the discussion was an opposing view from a caller named Josh, an admitted TFA alum. He should be applauded for participating in debate, and for sticking it out in the profession for six years, perhaps twice the normal lifespan of his peers. I will say, however, that I have come […]

At the Chalk Face is back, this Sunday, June 23rd, 6PM EST

At the Chalk Face is back, this Sunday, June 23rd at 6PM EST. Educated educators talking education, this time on the recent NCTQ report on teacher preparation. Remember, we are at the helm in the BTR chatroom, live tweeting @thechalkface, and you can always call in to speak with us live, 805-727-7111.

Highlights from At the Chalk Face, 6PM EST every Sunday, #blogtalkradio

To the reader and listener out there. When we bring you the radio show every Sunday at 6PM EST, know that we work hard to bring you the stories and people in education that mainstream sources ignore. We call all of the people with whom we speak friends. They fight with all of us to […]

At the Chalk Face on #blogtalkradio: A primer of sorts

We have to brag a little bit. The weekly radio show makes us unique because it supports the commentary we do, and vice versa. We work our BEE-hinds off to bring everyone stories and conversations that don’t get covered, related to education and public schools. In addition to our weekly shows at 6PM EST on […]

A reminder for everyone about At the Chalk Face on #blogtalkradio

You can catch the only education obsessed focused talk available on Blog Talk Radio, live every Sunday at 6PM EST/3PM PST. Here’s the show page. And you can always click the greenish graphic at the top of the homepage to get to the show as well. But, as we sometimes do, we’ll have special episodes featuring specific […]

At the Chalk Face is off today, so consider the following classics

@TCF with Karen Lewis @TCF with Anthony Cody and Diane Ravitch @TCF with Carol Burris @TCF with Supt. John Kuhn @TCF Live from Seattle, WA  

Our interview with @ctulocal1 president Karen Lewis did a few things for me

Here’s the interview on Blog Talk Radio. What’s remarkable is that she spent so much time with us considering how busy things are going to be. In any event, I had a few persistent thoughts after the interview. One, the formula for underutilization in Chicago is partly based on square footage. That was a really […]

Special episode of At the Chalk Face w. Diane Ravitch and Anthony Cody

Both of the Network for Public Education joined us At the Chalk Face. Listen here.

We spoke to John Stoffel from Indiana tonight, make sure you give him a listen

You can listen to the show here.  One brief comment about it, largely based on a good final point John made. Our little show means to give voices to people who are fighting this stuff, like teachers. I know this from personal experience: if you speak out against what you know is wrong, what the […]

Join @kuhio_kane and I tonight on At the Chalk Face, 6PM EST

Here’s the show link. Should be fun.

Special episode of At the Chalk Face tonight, 9PM EST/6PM PST

We’ve invited a great guest, which is why the special day and time: Alexia Garcia, student organizer of a Portland boycott of the OAKS test. Probably the best test acronym by far. There’s some information here I’ll quote from Education Week, which is in turn from OregonLive: Alexia Garcia, a Lincoln High School senior, said […]

Need I remind you that EVERYONE is listening to At the Chalk Face talking the Seattle #boycott

Well, if I must remind you, then here’s the link: parent and Garfield teacher. 

Our special episode of @thechalkface, live from Seattle, #NCSS #CUFA

Here’s our special hourlong episode live from the annual National Council for Social Studies meeting in Seattle, WA. Sorry for the first few minutes of a hot mic, I thought it was muted. Just skip that.  

Two items of extreme interest. You know you want to look.

First, have you listened to our recent episode of At the Chalk Face with guest, Chicago teacher Michelle Gunderson? If not, well you should. Right now. Second, check out friend, colleague, and UOO founder Morna McDermott kicking some media ass at OWS in NYC this weekend. That is all for now.


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