The well-meaning liberals of the world aren’t going to like the front page of the Washington Post

How Bill Gates bought us the Common Core. Thank you, and it wasn’t even my birthday. As a matter of fact, our right-wing brothers and sisters might not like this either since they believe this is a massive communist conspiracy. I’m also doubting, however, that many teachers know about this. I either hear glowing endorsements […]

A Bill Gates Reader: Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been

Teflon reformers Bill Gates and Arne Duncan are hard to separate, but Duncan sure is trying. In a videoed talk with teachers, Duncan claims: Lisa Clarke: One of the particular questions we’ve heard teachers ask is if corporate-based philanthropists are playing too heavy a role in public education, and if there’s a corporate agenda at […]

@johnkuhntx guest post: The Wizards of Ed.

By John Kuhn There is a conundrum facing American K-12 education. It is the same conundrum that has always faced American K-12 education. How do we educate “those” kids? “Those” refers to the kids who are dealing with any (or all) of a host of disadvantages. They are from the “wrong” side of the tracks. […]

Who Should Listen to Melinda Gates about Education?

I have asked repeatedly a key question about Bill Gates and his hobby of education reform: If Bill Gates had no money, who would listen to him about education reform? No one–the same as who should listen to him now. Now we have an EdWeak interview with Melinda Gates, which forces an additional question: If […]

Enemies of Public Education: ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil Logo

Here at the Chalk Face, we’ve spent some time questioning and exposing the intentions behind the energy giant, ExxonMobil.  Their ad campaign in support of Common Core continues to take up space and spread lies on the network airwaves.  It’s well-known by now that Bill Gates is the top fund owner for Exxon, which somewhat […]

How Bill Gates Views the World (And Why It’s a Problem)

Money is power. Power is money. Bill Gates has too much of both. Valerie Strauss gets it—that Bill Gates is not what education needs: “Education reform should not be driven by private philanthropists with their own agendas, however well-intentioned.” Ultimately, the problem is Gates’s view of the world. And there is no better way to express […]

Gates’s Cannibalistic Culture: Coming to a School Near You! | the becoming radical

Bill Gates has adopted education as a billionaire’s hobby for many years—once supporting small schools projects, but more recently focusing on teacher quality. Little attention, however, has been paid in the mainstream media to Gates’s struggles in business (Microsoft) or his complete lack of expertise, experience, or success as an educational entrepreneur. Until this expose by Vanity Fair addressing […]

EdWeek and the Gates Love Affair that Just Won’t Go Away

In the Digital Education blog at Education Week, Q&A: Bill Gates on Teaching, Ed Tech, and Philanthropy provides Gates with yet another platform to (this time) continue his re-messaging campaign. Yep, he uses words like “magical” (did you get goose bumps?), but if you read carefully, as Jersey Jazzman did, Gates has simply learned to soften his […]

Bill Gates and the Incubators


I know–it’s a great name for a band, but it is distinctly unmusical and no fun.  It’s about destroying public schools and the teaching profession in urban areas where children of the poor will be grown and behaviorally groomed in segregated corporate welfare hothouses. Who makes these cozy corporate nests possible? The oligarchs and high […]

Gates, Murdoch and data mining

Gates and Murdoch like to say their interest in education is because their big hearts mean they really must help the poor wee kiddies learn better. Funny how they weren’t so interested until profit could be made, but hey, I’m just a bit cynical these days. And it’s no wonder I am when you learn […]

All Lives Have Equal Value. Right, Bill and Melinda?

Isn't he cute? Let's get some data!

A letter from Susan DuFresne: Dear Bill and Melinda Gates, Yes, I include Melinda in this letter, because as I understand it, Melinda is very involved in the Gates Foundation’s ideas and policies on public education. Your influence has won you the Notorious PhD’s aka Mark Naison’s poll: Most Influential Corporate Reformer title. As a […]

Guest Post from Peggy Robertson: The greatest fight of our lives

From Peg with Pen. Show Peggy your support by commenting how much you want her to write for us on a regular basis. The admissions of error, the requests for moratoriums, the recognition that perhaps testing has gone too far, are running like wildfire in the last few weeks. We have Randi calling for a moratorium. […]

If Bill Gates had no money, who would listen to him about education reform?

In 2013, again, U.S. political leaders and the public appear disgusted with a public education system, but this sentiment has been with us since the Committee of Ten declared education inadequate in the 1890s. We must, then, come to terms with two facts: (1) We must drop Utopian claims about education because education is not the sole key to […]

Downton Billy

Since Bill Gates and other billionaire boys and girls club members are dictating education policy and coming up with new and brilliant ideas such as, “the teacher is the most important” indicator of whether students learn, perhaps he can give us some more lessons on teaching.   We can start lesson one on conspicuous consumption, […]

Tom Friedman Signals New Education Rhetoric and the Same Old Crap

I have been dismissing Tom Friedman for a long time, but occasionally I do find something of interest in his column that someone else said.  His latest column follows that pattern, in that it is based largely on quotes from Tony Wagner, a Harvard prof who has made a career of trying to do in […]


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