#Progressive #education summit in Maryland

#Progressive #education summit in Maryland Check this out, I am. Never heard about this before. Alfie Kohn is going to speak. Join me, us, come all.

I’m a little pissed off, and here’s why

So, I went to visit one of my former student teachers today who is teaching third grade in Baltimore City. She was one of the best I had in my cohort last year. She is a very nice person, a creative person, and was successful in all of her experiences last year. I would also […]

Free Course on #democracy and #edreform in #baltimore, tell anyone in #maryland, #sosmaryland

I’m teaching a totally free class called Democracy and Education Reform, open to ALL comers, at the Baltimore Free School: The education reform conversation in the United States is dominated by a largely conservative ethos, a movement that bemoans the consistent failure of the public school system to keep America competitive in the global marketplace. […]

B-heard in #Baltimore

A group of higher ed folks (I think many are in higher ed) are leading some events affiliated with Occupy Baltimore. Here’s the flyer. Facebook them here to join up.    

New #Huffpo #education piece

I swear, I submit these things and they’re up in a couple of hours. Am I on some kind of fast track here? Well, a new piece is up on the Huffpo Education page. It’s kind of an odd one, out of left field. Maybe writing it at the Bohemian Coffee House in Baltimore had something […]

Teaching FOR the test

So, yes, in the coming years, I get to supervise in Maryland schools and a system that are pushing hard for evaluating teachers 50 percent based on test scores. We had a discussion in my graduate course the other night about this.  What would this look like for specialist teachers, like art, music, and PE, […]


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