Just a little reminder of what happens when Hitler’s schools don’t make #AYP

All right, enough with this stuff. Final parody for now: Hitler finds out his schools did not make #AYP

Uh oh, he does not sound happy. Now, folks that are hip to the Internets should know this meme and realize that I am NOT calling “eduformers” Hitler. Look up Downfall parodies. They’re everywhere. Here’s my contribution to the meme. Hitler finds out his schools did not make AYP. from Chalk Face on Vimeo.

#Public #schools #FAIL #NCLB #standards

Wow, that title covers a lot of hashtags. But, this should be a surprise to no one:  “Whether it’s 50 percent, 80 percent or 100 percent of schools being incorrectly labeled as failing, one thing is clear: No Child Left Behind is broken,” Duncan said in a statement Wednesday. “That’s why we’re moving forward with […]

NSBA Calls for Universal Relief from AYP, NCLB’s IED

As Bryant points out, public schools cannot wait for Gates stooge, Arne Duncan, to figure out a massive extortion plan to insert the BRT’s agenda.  From HuffPo: . . . .With so many delays in Congress to introduced and pass the ESEA reauthorization, the National School Boards Association is calling on Duncan and the Department […]

Stanford school

I’m a tad late on this conversation about a charter school run by Stanford’s college of education that was recently denied an extension because of low performance.  Now that I’m getting into it a little bit, this makes me reflect on recent comments I’ve made about colleges of education running their own lab or university […]


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