Pretty intense advert for #occupy2.0 in April, thanks Califather

From Califather.

Autism, ADHD, Adaptation and Randomization

I. Some time ago I wrote a piece noting how it seems autism is becoming a useful “disorder” to have.  (I used the quotes for a reason which I hope becomes clear.)  The post, “Autism: the next ‘specialty’ credential,” tried to create a kind of choral effect between an essay by Adam Philips on the […]

A child with #autism verbally abused by his #teachers @jillsmo #smdh

Jillsmo brought this to our attention. A father in Cherry Hill, NJ sent his child with autism to school, digital recorder in pocket, to get to the bottom of his son’s recent aggressive tendencies. You can also see coverage about the issue here. I’ll embed the video below. As Jillsmo states, I won’t get into a […]

Man with autism sings the National Anthem, gets some help.

You know, this is just really nice, amazingly nice. Had to share it. Enjoy.


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