A slow and much needed goodbye to the education reform opposition.


In what may come as a surprise to some, or simply seep into the ether with nary a glance, I have decided to fold up, close up, and shut down At the Chalk Face altogether in the next few days. It’s been an interesting, what, almost five years. To be honest, I think I’m done. […]


I am about six weeks into the new school year. You may have noticed, maybe not, that my personal contributions here, and to the “radio” show, dropped off precipitously. Teaching is a busy job, as you know. I have hobbies, a personal life, and other interests that supersede the old education reform commentary. Beyond the […]

David Berliner @ the Chalk Face offers some words of wisdom.


I paraphrase, check the audio: If you’re going to be a profession of sheep, then you’ll be run by wolves. Great conversation.

At the Chalk Face programming updates

First, we want to thank everyone out there for listening and supporting At the Chalk Face radio. Ever since we started broadcasting in the winter of 2010, we knew the show fulfilled an important niche in the overall education dialogue that was unavailable at the time. I don’t think anyone else delivers it like we […]

Interview Archive for @ the Chalk Face (by name)

Archive of interviews @ the Chalk Face (by name). This is a work in progress which includes all broadcasts going as far back as 1/6/2013. Check back frequently for updates. Scroll through the alphabetical list, find something you like. Use any of these shows for your own purposes, broadcast them at meetings, workshops, professional development. […]

Discussions of race at the chalkface. It’s TL for you, then fine, DR.

Last night, perhaps during the day yesterday, I was engaged in a debate on race via Twitter. There seemed to be some misunderstandings, which is very easy to do on Twitter. That’s why I personally have a love/hate relationship with the medium. I really hate it. But then again, well, I don’t love-it-love-it. It’s more […]

Back live next week. For now, enjoy a studio version with public school parent Michelle

Enjoy your brunches. Then, listen to mom Michelle discuss her multi-year test refusal for her children.

Join us this Sunday at 6PM with NJ journo Bob Braun of @BobBraunsLedger

Join us this Sunday at 6PM with NJ journo Bob Braun of @BobBraunsLedger Listen to At the Chalk Face this Sunday at 6PM EST. Join the conversation with Bob Braun, and Tim and Shaun of course, by calling (805) 727-7111.

Spend part of your holiday with us at 6PM EST as we speak to GA parents with a strange #optout story

Here’s the deets. Now listen to the story.

We are officially in syndication, and have an updated show page

At the Chalk Face is now officially in syndication, with our first two stations secured in the Boston area. I also updated our main show page, and then stuck it to the blog’s homepage. We have to get this show out there as an oppositional voice to the corporate reform movement. Let any local radio […]

@thechalkface is going mainstream, our official press release #NPEConference

We’re in Austin, TX for the first Network for Public Education conference with an actual radio crew as we find our way towards a mainstream and syndicated radio presence, in particular to topics in education. Here’s a link to our official press release from syndication. If you have a moment, consider helping us by forwarding […]

GUEST no more. Welcome John Kuhn to our lineup!

Revered Superintendent John Kuhn joined our erudite rabble here At the Chalk Face. Let us all welcome him. Check out his author page here and we look forward to JOHN KUHN: Empowering Educators.

Join us at 6PM EST as we chat for the first time with @angelcintronjr

Link to the show. Check it at 6PM EST.

Tim and I are off again today, so here’s our studio interview with Dr. Jed Hopkins

We’re taking some time off after recording a bunch of studio shows. For your listening pleasure, here’s a studio show from July 2013 with one of Slekar’s colleagues, Dr. Jed Hopkins. We get into some insightful international comparisons.

At the Chalk Face brings it home again…

Another great set of studio shows in the can after a couple of days in Madison, WI, interviewing Karen Lewis, Ruth Conniff, a parent opt-out activist, Pasi Sahlberg, and a great hourlong chat with Nancy Carlsson-Paige. This WILL be syndicated.  Soon.


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