Media Alert: On ASCD Media Alert

This is not satire, and if I had made this up, no one would have thought it was funny because, well, you just can’t make this stuff up. I got a MEDIA ALERT email from ASCD announcing “Common Core Experts Available for Interviews.” This seems pretty important because ASCD uses all caps, bold, and even […]

Evidence? They Can’t Handle the Evidence

In the spring of 2005 several months before Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, I attended the annual ASCD conference in that city—for my first and only time. Sessions at ASCD were not only sponsored by vendors, but vendors themselves were presenting. That conference was a disturbing lesson in the commodification of education. Fast-forward to the December […]

#ASCDforum discussing #teacher #education

Use the titled hashtag to discuss teacher education with ASCD. I scanned the link they provided, and here’s what I saw: Educators have begun to make their voices heard. For example, 2012 Emerging Leader and Regional Science Coordinator Fred Ende has five suggestions for improving teacher preparation: Prepare educators to be specialists, instead of generalists. […]

ASCD reviews @thechalkface with one special observation

Prominent education organization ASCD (formerly the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development) reviewed At the Chalk Face. I love this last line:  Whether or not you agree with the bloggers’ strong and sometimes rudely stated opinions, the blog is a compelling read from voices that are too often marginalized. I added the emphasis. You know, […]


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