Watch this video and ask, “what do you desire?” #commoncore? I think not.

Will schools in the coming years of CCSS and PARCC help students with what they desire? The makers of this video likely have no idea what is to come in education in the next few years. There was a stock image in the video of education: students sitting in desks, arranged in rows, and taking […]

#Optout in #Indiana, no #tests!

Check out this great poster from a budding opt out group in Indiana. Man, isn’t it cool? And, let’s support them!

L’enseignement comme art d’exécution (that right?)

Like the conversation I had with Steve Bailey the other day, perhaps we need more artistic representations of what is happening in education as an alternative to the blathering in the media and in policy documents. I think the art would send home a much stronger message, at least for some, in terms of what […]


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