Who Is Unprepared? US Students? Or Arne Duncan?

While Arne Duncan continues his ugly swipes at students, parents, teachers, and schools, I believe it is time to turn the focus on the accuser. Are U.S. students unprepared for college? I recommend Carol Burris’s answer: Are American students grossly unprepared for college? Or is Duncan unprepared, noting that he has no experience teaching but lots […]

A Bill Gates Reader: Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been

Teflon reformers Bill Gates and Arne Duncan are hard to separate, but Duncan sure is trying. In a videoed talk with teachers, Duncan claims: Lisa Clarke: One of the particular questions we’ve heard teachers ask is if corporate-based philanthropists are playing too heavy a role in public education, and if there’s a corporate agenda at […]

Duncan’s Bizarro World, Where Lie Is Truth and Truth Is Lie

Superintendent of Montgomery County (MD) Joshua Starr is rightfully disturbed by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s recent comment: What these two places also had in common was a succession of leaders who told educators, parents and the public the truth about educational underperformance and who worked closely with educators to bring about real changes. In order […]

November Guest Commentary by Joining Forces for Education’s Ellen Lubic

Duncan and Obama

Joining Forces for Education was formed in response to Ben Austin’s public school bulldozer outfit, the Walton Family Foundation funded Parent Revolution. Ellen Lubic occasionally contributes to Professor Ravitch’s site. Obama : With Banksters/Common Core/Race to the Top/College for All, and other fantasy legislation vs. Reality and Vocational Ed We, the People, wanted to believe in […]

An Arne Duncan Reader: Let’s Have that Conversation

While Secretary of Education Arne Duncan—career-long bureaucrat who has never taught and has no formal background in education—has created a controversy over his swipe at “white suburban moms,” the great irony comes from his equally vapid apology, in which he concludes: “Let’s get back to that conversation, because it’s an important one for our country.” Yes, we should […]

Now we all care Secretary Duncan.

My initial and continued reaction to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s ‘suburban moms” speech is how he insulted all parents with his flippant comment.  Does he imply that other parents do not care about their children?  Or does he think Common Core opposition comes from only one segment of society? Is this the continued strategy of Common […]

Perhaps the only thing proven by @arneduncan’s latest flub…

… is that he’s really an idiot without the skills and expertise to really understand what it is that he’s supposed to be doing. That is all.

Just When You Think It’s Safe to Go Back into the Media

Yesterday, I shared an excellent collection of investigative journalism confronting the accountability machine in Florida (HERE and HERE), work from as far back as 1999 in the St. Petersburg Times and a recent article in the Miami Herald. Overnight, however, I was prompted to look at Peter Cunningham’s “Ravitch Redux.” Before looking at the shoddy and unsubstantiated […]

Who’s Lying to Whom? Duncan, Bloomberg, and the Rotted Common Core

Yesterday Mike Bloomberg called the new test score basement that all NY schools have rushed into “very good news,” and he blamed the media for noticing that it was happening.  With State and City schools–at least the ones with poor kids–once more crushed under the boot (Rochester had 5% of kids passing reading and math) […]

Arne Duncan in Philadelphia “Fascinated” about His Mentor Vallas in CT

Arne Duncan had a great chance to do something for Philadelphia in 2010 when their application for $100 million in RTTT money was turned down.  Instead, Philly got $6 million over four years, which was designated by Arne to develop a teacher eval scheme based on VAM test scores. Meanwhile, Duncan was shoveling tax money […]

PROPOSAL: The Arne Duncan Reader

so you've never…

Typically, a collection titled a “reader” is a compilation of works by a notable writer or thinker, but this proposal is more like a virtual book shelf created for Secretary of Education (and lifelong political appointee who has never taught) Arne Duncan. I think this should be a community project, so I’ll just get us […]

Apparently, ANYONE can open a charter school now #NCSC13

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 7.42.43 PM

I’m sure you heard about the wonderful slate of speakers available at the 2013 National Charter Schools Conference, which includes hit hip hop artist Pitbull. Yeah! Well, I have a couple of alternatives. Or, yes, the Kimye National Achievement Academy of the Arts and Media!!

Arne Duncan, Civil Rights Visionary of Our Era

Photo by G. Schmidt, Substance News

When he attended the star-studded premiere in 2010 for Davis Guggenheim’s slick propaganda film, Waiting for Superman, Arne Duncan called it a “Rosa Parks moment.”  In making this stunning analogy, it became clear that corporate education reform schoolers were no longer going to sit at the back of the corporate jet.  No longer would they […]

Duncan: Pay no attention to who is behind the #CCSS curtain

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has been quite busy lately making the rounds defending the Common Core. Yesterday Duncan gave a speech to the American Society of Newspaper editors which Valerie Strauss titled “Arne Duncan tells newspaper editors how to report on the Common Core.“ Duncan stated that opponents of the Common Core were “spreading […]

Broad’s Girl Friday in RI, Deb Gist, Looking for the Duncan Bump

If there is an education official in Rhode Island who has earned an Arne Duncan endorsement, it would have to be Deborah Gist (Broad Class of 2008).  Her ability to ignore those pestering parents, those vomiting children, those weeping teachers, and those angry grandparents has earned Ms. Gist a place among the giants of corporate […]


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