Back at You, Arne: An Open Letter

Yesterday the pasty puppet of the plutocrats had his speechwriters put together some marvelous-sounding platitudes aimed to make teachers believe that he, Duncan, respects them.  This is all a part of the new PR push to get passage of NCLB, The Sequel, which will, indeed, be cast as an unlimited bribery fund based on the […]

Duncan and Obama Enabling Christie’s Public Demolition Projects

Jersey Roundup: On a day when the NJ Supreme Court heard a challenge to Governor Christie’s $1.6 billion in school aid cuts, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan came to Newark and failed to offer support for full funding of the state’s public schools. Instead he embraced Governor Christie as a “partner” in his education reform […]

Duncan Brings Comedy Improv to Denver to Sell Evaluation for All Based on Test Scores

In the looming shadow of a Chicago scandal that is in the process of sinking any minor mayoral hopes of Gerry Chico in Chicago, the Billionaire Boys’ Club (BBC) brought Arne Duncan and some Second City comics to Denver for a big feel-good feed for school board members, school administrators, and teachers from around the […]

Number 1 in the World, Mr. Duncan? Really? You Have Got to Be Kidding Me

Arne Duncan proclaimed a couple of days ago that he wants the U. S. to be #1 in educational achievement but that we have “a long way to go.”  But that’s okay, boys, we’re in a hole, so keep digging. Since Duncan came to Washington to sit as ED’s titular CEO while the Gates and […]

Arne Duncan Has Been to the Mountaintop–to See Which Way the Political Winds Are Blowing

With the Washington Post story finally blowing the lid off the racist scheming that is going on in Wake County to turn the social clock back by 50 years to the era of Jim Crow, Arne Duncan has finally come out of his spider hole to make a statement on how much he supports diversity […]

Arne Duncan Has His Sputnik and Rosa Parks Moments Mixed Up

Historians now tell us that Sputnik was much more a propaganda and public relations gimmick than it was an indication of Soviet technological and educational superiority.  The American Vanguard 1, in fact, could have launched first, and our former Nazi rocket brain trust in Huntsville was furious that Eisenhower didn’t launch first.  But if you […]

Will Duncan Take His Own Departmental Statement on Bullying Seriously?

Back in February, Arne Duncan applauded the decision to fire every teacher at the only high school in the poorest city in Rhode Island.  Despite the fact that saner heads have since determined that the firing was unethical and unfair, Duncan said that officials were “showing courage and doing the right thing for kids.” When […]

Duncan Decries Segregation While Rewarding Apartheid Charters

The audacity of Arne Duncan was on display again Saturday, as Arne spoke before the ABA in Chicago: . . . U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan said if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he’d be disheartened to see so many schools still effectively segregated. “Dr. King would have been angered […]

The New Segregated Buses Are Lining Up for Arne Duncan’s Rosa Parks Moment

Two weeks ago in DC, hedge funders, vulture venture philanthropists, lobbyists, their hosts (our politicians), a sprinkling of black folks who could pass the brown paper bag test, and a host of corporate underlings glassy-eyed with positivity, all came together in what Arne Duncan described as a Rosa Parks moment, this one sponsored by America’s […]

Exposing the Corporate Education Reform Fraud

The Obama Education Blueprint Researchers Examine the Evidence Edited by:William J. Mathis, University of Colorado, BoulderKevin G. Welner, University of Colorado – Boulder A volume in the series: The National Education Policy Center Series. Series Editor(s): Kevin G. Welner, University of Colorado – Boulder and Alex Molnar, Arizona State University  Published 2010A Publication of the […]

Why Its Called Microsoft-NBC

The Oligarchs are in gear, pushing Arne hard for their corporate takeover of public schools.  Schedule from Russo: THE WEEK AHEAD: Sunday, Sept. 26 – Friday, Oct. 1 (All Events are EDT) Sunday, Sept. 26 10:30 a.m. The Secretary will appear on Meet the Press on MSNBC. Monday, Sept. 277 a.m. The secretary will appear […]

Arne Duncan’s "Rosa Parks Moment"

Having often declared segregated corporate school reform as the “civil rights issue of this generation,” Arne Duncan just placed himself on a whole new circle of Orwellian doublespeak hell by declaring last evening’s extended commercial for the corporate charter crusade as a “Rosa Parks moment.” From the Hollywood Reporter: Calling it a “Rosa Parks moment,” […]

Yong Zhao on Arne

From Zhao’s blog: Master of Myth: What Arne Duncan Says and Does3 SEPTEMBER 2010 The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. —John F. Kennedy U.S. Secretary of Education has been called the most powerful education secretary in […]

School Turnaround Blitzkrieg Mires Down


With nothing but the element of unthinking movement and uninformed force to support them, the U. S. Education Department’s army for the Oligarchs is grinding to a temporary halt as citizens begin to draw lines in the sand on whether or not they want to exchange a thousand public schools each year for phony remedies […]

Pedagogical McCarthyism: Do You Now or Have You Ever Had Students With Low Test Scores?

Arne is at it again.  Not only does he think Katrina was the best thing that ever happened to New Orleans Schools, and not only did he applaud the mass firing of teachers in Rhode Island, but now he is full support of publishing 6000 teachers’ names ranked by their students test scores.  Mr. Duncan, […]


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