Does anyone else struggle with movement in the classroom?

This from the Answer Sheet: In the following post, Angela Hanscom, a pediatric occupational therapist and the founder of TimberNook, a nature-based development program designed to foster creativity and independent play outdoors in New England, suggests yet another reason more children are being diagnosed with ADHD, whether or not they really have it: the amount […]

Duncan: Pay no attention to who is behind the #CCSS curtain

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has been quite busy lately making the rounds defending the Common Core. Yesterday Duncan gave a speech to the American Society of Newspaper editors which Valerie Strauss titled “Arne Duncan tells newspaper editors how to report on the Common Core.” Duncan stated that opponents of the Common Core were “spreading […]

Have you seen this apology from a high school teacher? #highered

I’m really liking Ken Bernstein’s apology to higher education faculty from a high school teacher. Actually, it’s a warning. A warning, it is. From my experience, I just started recently teaching freshmen who could have been fifth graders I taught years ago at the pre-dawn of NCLB. Unfortunately, I don’t have the kind of perspective […]

#MAP #boycott may lead to “sanctions”

This from the Answer Sheet:  The superintendent of schools, Jose Banda, ordered administrators to  pull students out of classrooms to take the test in the library, but many students refused to take it and turned in letters signed by their parents giving them permission to opt out of the test, teachers reported. This seems to […]

Round up of key stories in education today: #tenure #broad #unions #ALEC

Here’s a piece from the Answer Sheet: Broad is stepping on the gas. In case you were wondering, there’s another organization out there working with our university, info here. Nearly half of teachers denied tenure in NYC: fair enough, is this some kind of success story for someone? Tenure protections there are really about due process and […]

An amazing list from @valeriestrauss on the influence of foundations on #edreform and #edpolicy

I don’t remember putting these folks on a ballot. But I guess we have their puppets on ballots everywhere. In the Answer Sheet, Strauss has an extensive list of foundations and their grantees who are heavily influencing public education policy. The money these foundations pour into public education has an important effect on the shape […]

A complicated relationship to #charter #schools @dianeravitch

Diane Ravitch discusses a brief vision of charter schools for the Answer Sheet. On their original intentions: Budde saw charters as a way to reorganize public school districts and to provide more freedom for teachers. He envisioned teams of teachers asking for a charter for three to five years, during which time they would operate with […]

Over my dead body: evaluating #teacher #preparation using #VAM

The Answer Sheet reports on the potential use of test scores and value added models to evaluate college teacher preparation programs. Two things. One, how do you account for folks who attend multiple institutions, transfer, and so forth? Two, what about those TFA folks who go through a five week workshop? Can we evaluate them […]

A new way for me to think about #HST from the Answer Sheet via @valeriestrauss

An interesting piece in The Answer Sheet. So, yeah, to get into medical school, or even graduate school, you have one day of testing for a few hours, give or take. To get you out of third, fourth, or fifth grade in elementary school, you have to be tested for roughly 12 hours, and that’s being […]

#Occupy the #DOE in DC gets coverage in the Answer Sheet, thanks @valeriestrauss

Reporting on the event less than one week away!  The event includes seminars, led by professors, activists and others, as well as marches and speeches that together are designed to express opposition to the education policies of President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, which critics say have, among other things, increased the importance of […]

Privateers release a rehash of a nation at risk, chastises #publicschools

Oh boy. You know, this reminds me of Fiona Apple. Remember her? I don’t, not really. Back when I was in high school (we called her Fiona Crapple) she was who everyone talked about. When music videos were actually expensive and important affairs, I remember seeing that dimly lit shot of her in a bathtub […]

The public as innocent bystanders in the war on #teachers and #public #schools

Here’s an image of Civil War battle spectators. This sort of reminds me of what I’m reading in the Answer Sheet today from Mark Naison, who by the way is on the schedule for a teach-in at the Occupy the DOE event. We look forward to that. In any event, from Mark: Large numbers of people […]

Arguments over #charters in #edreform: does anyone really win this discussion, @dianeravitch?

Diane Ravitch has a pretty thorough takedown of the inimitable faith in charter schools in the Answer Sheet. Transferring control of public dollars to private hands is not reform. It is privatization. This strikes at the very heart of public education. It is a mirage. Alabama needs to do the right thing and support a […]

Schools chief in TX calling test based reforms a perversion, that’ll do it

Via The Answer Sheet, Texas schools commissioner Robert Scott calls test based reforms a “perversion” as it ruins our public education system. I sent him a thank you note for his comments, not sure he’ll get it. He’s a Republican and I think that’s important. And you know what? Since Democrats also embrace this kind […]


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