Followed by @abcte on #twitter, so what is this American Board?


Our humble website was followed by an entity mysteriously named The American Board. Interesting. I checked it out. I don’t have time or patience for a crazy amount of research or digging. Perhaps the reader can help me. Nevertheless, ABCTE is an alternative teacher certification program. Oy. I start taking a look. Let me see. […]

A little late on this Onion parody of teach-for-awhilers, loved it. #TFA

As I’ve heard many argue, Teach for America is one link in the chain of privatization. That is, eliminate career educators through a comprehensive smear-campaign, erode their financial and labor protections. Career educators are expensive. TFA members, however, are not very expensive. They are less likely to accrue expensive benefits and travel up the ladder. […]

The alternatives

Episode 8 of the podcast coming up tomorrow. Now that I have all my technology issues figured out, I should be back on schedule in subsequent weeks. This article was sent to me the other day regarding alternative routes to teacher certification, particularly Teach for America.  I have the sinking suspicion that a good deal […]


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