A slow and much needed goodbye to the education reform opposition.


In what may come as a surprise to some, or simply seep into the ether with nary a glance, I have decided to fold up, close up, and shut down At the Chalk Face altogether in the next few days. It’s been an interesting, what, almost five years. To be honest, I think I’m done. […]


I am about six weeks into the new school year. You may have noticed, maybe not, that my personal contributions here, and to the “radio” show, dropped off precipitously. Teaching is a busy job, as you know. I have hobbies, a personal life, and other interests that supersede the old education reform commentary. Beyond the […]

Student activist and school board candidate Melissa Katz @ the Chalk Face #stuvoice


The link to the full episode. After you listen, words of encouragement would be nice. 

Social networking usage and @ the chalk face

Pew recently updated their facts and information on social media/networking usage. Twitter, as far as I’m concerned, is a cesspool. According to Pew, roughly 19% of all online adults are using it.  May seem like a lot. Yeah, it is. Pretty powerful stuff. But it’s not even close to where we @ the Chalk Face, and […]

Expect a regular series on saving a school

As some of you may know, I walked away from a position in higher education to return to the elementary classroom. With roughly 13 years of experience in education, and two advanced degrees, even rather late in the hiring cycle, I had my pick of teaching positions in Washington, DC. I immediately chose, without hesitation, […]

My progressive friends prefer demagoguery over truth on education reform

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 9.03.09 AM

My progressive friends in the broader media have it frequently wrong on corporate education reform, touting views that are hardly socially just. Instead, they mine their neoliberal connections to peddle the same corporate canards. It is obvious to me that mainstream progressive media are so disinterested in education that their reporting on the issue is […]

Blowback question of the day: Are teachers also ceding control of their profession to parents?

I may get blowback for this one, so here goes: is the relative apathy of teachers, and the myopic ignorance of the larger political realities affecting education, forcing them to cede control of the activist narrative to parents? I am part of many activist groups, passively and otherwise. Many of these groups are led by […]

Use caution with those attempting to write books on the backs of your labors @testingtalk @Skrashen

I viewed a passing mention of some new phenomenon called “Testing Talk,” which is a website devoted to soliciting feedback on the slate of Common Core tests being implemented nationwide. I have one very simple question: who is sponsoring this? Another simple question: why the lack of overall diversity on the “committee.” And, what does […]

Collectable and eventually playable education activism game cards, courtesy of UOO


The activist organization United Opt Out, that little gaggle always does things a little differently. Well, in advance of their annual spring event, taking place in Denver, CO March 28th-30th, 2014, UOO is releasing a collection of activist game cards that will include the organizers and the guests who will be in attendance. Now, these […]

Another warm welcome to a new author, Dr. Denisha Jones (@denisha_jones)

Denisha and I go back a few years. We were both graduate students at Indiana University. And oddly enough, we found our way there from DC, and now back again. Denisha’s at Howard University. Great institution with a Dean who’s said some very hopeful things about education reform. Dr. Jones is in this fight with […]

Let me tell you a little something about me #edreform

Since 2009, in professional terms, I’ve suffered some fairly significant losses. I pursued a PhD in 2005 and completed it in 2009, thinking that higher education would lift me to some higher plane in terms of my understanding and practice of my chosen discipline. Understanding it brought me, indeed. And improvements to my practice, certainly, […]

On #edreform celebrity.

I can name more persons affiliated with education and the reform movement than I care to. Authors are our rock stars it seems. I found myself on whatever path I am on because of some unique circumstances, but above all that I’m an educator. I speak out because I’m oftentimes a stubborn person with a […]

A BIG thank you to @henryrollins for being At the Chalk Face today

I mean, did you ever see this coming?  I didn’t. I want to apologize for the one caller who stayed diligently on hold today. I didn’t feel cool with clicking over to callers. I had to do the show from a Starbucks today because of work, and that schools don’t let BlogTalkRadio pass their firewalls.  […]

Yelp reviews as an action strategy in education? #edreform #edchat

Just a quick idea if you have the time: Yelp reviews of major reform organizations. I posted mine on the Gates Foundation. Are there others?  I personally would like to see more done. Link to them in the comments.

My legacy of dunces #highered

I am on the edge of leaving higher education. It chewed me up and spit me out. Or was it vice versa? I can’t remember. But it doesn’t matter. Higher education, public institutions especially and teacher preparation more specifically, is not interested in saving itself. Or, it is perfectly willing to offer up an arm […]


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